Art Deco Swing Band Are Lounging Around Brisbane
 Every Thursday

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Live jazz lives on Brisbane’s northside with weekly performances from Art Deco Swing Band in The Lounge at The Royal in Nundah.

Art Deco Swing Band is a smaller contingent of the 16-piece Art Deco Dance Orchestra big band led by trumpeter Joe Howman. “From the Art Deco Dance Orchestra we formed the Art Deco Swing Band, which is a five and six-piece swing band which plays regularly at The Royal every Thursday night,” Joe says.

Set against the classy backdrop of The Lounge’s era-appropriate décor, Art Deco Swing Band takes audiences back to the dance halls of the mid-twentieth century where guys and gals dressed in their best and sweat the evening away to blazing hot jazz.

“There’s nothing on the northside like this, not a regular event like this,” Joe says.

“When you see the band it is all class. Everyone’s in dinner suits and I’ll be sporting a white tuxedo as a conductor. It’ll all be very sharp and that’s what we’re doing, we want it to look and be as professional as possible.”

Bringing a touch of class and sophistication back to Thursday evenings, Art Deco Swing Band is a joyride through the musical relics of a bygone era. Whether you feel the need to jitterbug, or just relax and unwind with friends at the end of a long day of work, Joe says Art Deco Swing Band in The Lounge is the right set and setting.

“It’s a wonderful social atmosphere,” he says. “When you go into a venue like that that is free entry, you’re stepping to a time warp. When you walk into a place and you’re transformed by the décor and the music, you are transformed, you are transported and you have a break from the everyday grind.”

Art Deco Swing Band plays every Thursday (except the last of the month) in The Lounge at The Royal (Brisbane).

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