Amy & Ant Go Marching Two By Two

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  • Friday, 16 November 2018 13:11
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Amy & Ant celebrate the two-year anniversary of their songwriting partnership. Amy & Ant celebrate the two-year anniversary of their songwriting partnership.

Brisbane pop duo Amy & Ant celebrate their second anniversary making music together with a special show that will also support Cherish Women's Cancer Foundation.

“We've got an hour of our best songs and the thing that has really made the show different is a good friend of mine who is a cancer survivor, and she's walking up to Mount Everest base camp next year to raise money,” Ant aka Anthony Bishop says.

“So we're trying to make this gig the biggest gig we've ever done because we're raising money. It's our second anniversary, but that's only meaningful if it means something to somebody.”

Strangers before a chance meeting two years ago, Ant and music partner Amy Scales combined their respective talents and existing material to create something new in Amy & Ant.

“Musically together over the past two years we've kept sharing our ideas with each other because obviously Ant has a whole heap of his material and I had mine, so we've been able to create a unique sound by sharing each others' music. So musically we've been able to create our own sound together,” Amy explains.

Discovering an undeniable creative chemistry between them, Amy and Ant have spent the past two years writing songs and developing their distinctive style of original pop music. This year they released their own EP 'Rectangle Friend', which started as an experiment to see if a professional EP can be produced at home in 2018.

“We started off with the idea that we try and do as much as we can until it didn't sound professional,” Ant says.

“We started with this idea that we thought with all the modern technology we could get a long way into it before we'd need 'professional help'. On the technical side, we've got a decent set-up in my garage so we started and the freedom that recording at home gives you is that you can just keep doing it until you're really happy with it.”

Without their studio time being dictated by dollars, Amy and Ant were able to focus in on why they wanted to make music in the first place to create the EP, and with a little bit of 'professional help' from an engineer, the results speak for themselves.

Amy & Ant play their two-year anniversary/cancer fundraiser at Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane at the beginning of December.

Amy says that one of her key highlights from their two-year journey together was playing their very first show. Now, with their EP in hand, she and Ant are looking forward to many more performances and recordings to come.

“The beauty of the first show was that we got to express what we're about and we had the birth of the band,” she says.

“The EP has been a massive highlight because we brought collaborators in to record together on this one, so we're really trying to get as many people as we can to hear it.”

'Rectangle Friend' EP is available now.

Amy & Ant Brisbane Shows 2018

Sat 24 Nov - Bracken Ridge Tavern
Tue 27 Nov - Grill'd West End
Thu 29 Nov - The Baby Grand
Sun 2 Dec - Black Bear Lodge


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