Alison Wonderland Finds Peace With New Music

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  • Thursday, 01 August 2019 12:36
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Alison Wonderland gets personal on new single 'Peace', now available in a four-track remix bundle. Alison Wonderland gets personal on new single 'Peace', now available in a four-track remix bundle.

Star Australian EDM producer Alison Wonderland is back down the rabbit hole with her massive new single 'Peace', along with a brand new, four-track remix bundle.

“It means a lot to me that people are actually understanding the meaning behind it,” Alison beams, “and being able to play it live and feel the energy from the crowd like I do is just so dope. I believe a lot in that song because it was very meaningful to me when I wrote it.”

'Peace' is a deeply personal offering from Alison, revealing her own vulnerability in a bid to gain closure after the demise of a relationship as well as offering solace to those going through similar experiences.

“The whole concept of writing a break-up song that isn't completely negative and the message is hopeful is so rare,” she explains.

“I didn't want to write something that was super-negative and bringing people down. I wanted to write something where I was projecting into the world that some day I will hopefully find peace.

“I think that was a really good decision to do [sic] because I think that it helped a lot of people find hope in whatever they were going through, whether it be a break-up or losing a job or whatever. Having a song that acknowledges that you are in a dark place, but then also acknowledging that you can get out of it is really important.”

Alison wrote 'Peace' as a song of hope, drawing from her own personal life as she is wont to do. “Everything I write is very autobiographical,” Alison says.

“What you see is what you get with me, which is probably not necessarily a good thing because I can't escape what I do because it's just me, but every lyric I write is from a very real experience. I don't see the point of writing a song if it isn't. I feel like it's more real when it's autobiographical, and more genuine.”

The 'Peace' remix bundle features four versions of the track, all hand-selected by Alison, reinterpreted by Kaivon, Nightcall, Quix and Blaine Stranger. “Every artist that has remixed it has interpreted it as their own and has really been creative with it,” she says.

“I love all of them, that's why I chose them to be in the pack. They're all just great, they have their own character and that's awesome. I didn't want anyone of them to sound the same as the other or have a similar style. They've done their thing, I believe in these people and I think they're really talented.”

Also working on new music, about which she remains very tight-lipped, Alison assures us she is due back in the country for live shows this year, admitting she's homesick and missing simple pleasures like a hearty Australian breakfast. As for her unmitigated success as a globe-trekking EDM tour de force, Alison rejects the notion that numbers, streams and likes are a yardstick for how well an artist is performing.

“I don't really like to measure responses as best or worst in my releases,” she says.

“What I'm happy about is that whatever creative evolution I can move in, people accept that and they have open minds.

“The fact that my music gets accepted and speaks to people means that it's successful. I've never seen my Spotify numbers; I don't look at numbers, I think that's the worst thing. I think it would affect how I write music. For me, just being able to be free and feel as artistic as I can and getting a really good response is successful enough for me.”

'Peace' remix bundle is out now. Alison performs at Festival X in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne on 29 & 30 November and 1st December.


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