Adelaide Rapper Purpose Is Making Himself At Home On New Album

After building a grassroots following and a sturdy reputation as a force to be reckoned with in independent Australian hip hop, Purpose is close to the finish line on his second studio album.

Entitled 'Make Yourself At Home', it's a record the Adelaide MC has been tinkering away at during an extensive period of time. “I definitely had a plan from the start,” he says.

“I was in a phase before I started this record where I was putting out a mixtape every six months. Even after I put out my first album, I followed it up really quickly.

“People have been asking what's so important to get right about this project and, to me, it's about getting it right. It's not for a lack of songs. I did 13-straight weeks of new material last year. This album has been a very specific project. I've been trying to get all of the pieces right before I locked it all in.”

Purpose is quick to note some of the collaborative efforts that have made 'Make Yourself At Home' a possibility, pointing in particular to Golden Era label-heads Hilltop Hoods as key overseers of the album's process. “Trials was a big part of the process early on. A lot of what we worked on for those few days we had together actually ended making it onto the album,” Purpose says.

“I was also lucky enough to work with Debris; he recorded live strings for the album with me at the same studio where the Hoods did the 'Restrung' albums. That was really cool.

"A lot of producers were a part of the album. Cam Bluff, who was one of the people that was behind 'Adore' by Amy Shark, is on there as well as a guy called Hamley, who works with a lot of young rappers in Melbourne. It's a much more musical album than my other releases.”

Having already previewed some key tracks from the album, Purpose will get the chance to premiere more material as a part of the line-up for the Golden Era x Bad Apples collaborative show tomorrow in Adelaide (27 July) that coincides with the AIR Awards.

Featuring talent from the Hilltop Hoods' label and from rapper Briggs' collective, the two are coming together in celebration of homegrown hip hop, and it's something Purpose is particularly excited about. “It's going to be a great opportunity for people to see what these two labels have to offer,” he enthuses.

“Birdz has been killing it and I know that K[21] has a lot of new material that he's itching to show off as well.”


Caught @triple_j debuting #WholeSquad last night, hype ting. S/o @hauiebeast. Follow me on snapchat at PurposePE

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The show also showcases Adelaide's rich hip hop credentials. With the Hilltop Hoods known nationally, the city has also turned out recent stars such as Allday and Tkay Maidza as well as acts like Jimblah and Delta.

As for what makes the city so unique in terms of the music it's producing, Purpose believes there are several contributing factors. “The size of the city, for one, is definitely a factor,” he says. “All of the biggest acts from here are really involved in the local culture, too. My relationship with the Hoods honestly just started because we were always out at the same shows together.

“Whether it's Seth [Sentry], Illy, Remi, whoever... we want to make sure that all of the visitors to our city feel welcome. We're all about the music over here – that's really what it comes down to.”

Purpose plays the Golden Era x Bad Apples Records showcase as part of Umbrella: Winter City Sounds at Rocket Bar (Adelaide) 27 July.


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