6 Things Worth Waiting For According To Okenyo

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'Buckle Up' is the new song from musical artist Okenyo. 'Buckle Up' is the new song from musical artist Okenyo.

Empowered by a sexy bassline and fierce lyricism, Okenyo brings us 'Buckle Up'; an ode to dancefloor hook-ups and bold flirting.

“'Buckle Up' signifies a change in me,” Okenyo says. “It’s intimate, but confident and bold all at the same time.

"I wanted to explore the art of love by verbalising how we relate through our bodies, the tension and release. I love the freedom and elation in this song, it’s joy unbound. It’s cute AF.”

Here, Okenyo shares a few things she doesn't mind waiting for.

1: Film to be developed

I love the feeling of sending it in, forgetting about it and then finally a week later seeing the results. A lot of the time with film I forget what I’ve taken, so it’s always a nice surprise to be reminded of what I’ve captured.

2: A new mix arrives via email

It’s a treat to see a collaborator's name pop up in my inbox knowing a new edit of a song or music video is there for me to peep. The wait in between responses means that something is being created.

3. A meal to arrive

I’ve had some super-simple meals and some super-fancy ones, and I’ve always loved the anticipation between ordering and eating. Being cooked for is that feeling, but next level.

4. Netflix to load

Just kidding.

5: Someone you love to arrive

It can be a wonderful thing to miss someone because it means you got all this love saved up. That first hug is always a damn good one.

6: A movie to start

Think of your favourite movie; you got the choc-top, the lights are low, you’re ready to go.

'Buckle Up' is available now.


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