6 Reasons To Buy Radio Birdman's 'Descent Into The Maelstrom' DVD

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Radio Birdman have shows in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney in Sep-Oct 2018. Radio Birdman have shows in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney in Sep-Oct 2018.

After last year's successful double headline tour with Died Pretty, Radio Birdman return with a limited run of shows in September-October before they head off to Europe for a 22-date tour.

The band share 6 reasons why you really should own their 2017 DVD, 'Descent Into The Maelstrom'.

1. It's 'the best rock documentary ever made' – I-94 Bar

No scraping around for quotes to put on the DVD cover like '5 stars' or 'brutally honest'. The critics know 'Descent…' is the real thing. Our favourite review is simply two words from Triple M: 'Effing brilliant!'.

2. Celebrity-free zone

No Dave Grohl, Bono or Sting telling you why Radio Birdman are great. 'Descent…' just plays the music LOUD (in 5.1 surround) letting you make up your own mind. It interviews only people who were there, telling you how Radio Birdman changed Australian music forever.

3. An hour of extra content

It wasn't easy getting this film down to feature length. There was a tonne of gold on the cutting-room floor, but thankfully it's on the disc. Extended interviews, promo clips and even Deniz Tek showing you how to play 'New Race'.

4. What Gives

Fans know that the 'Live At Paddington Town Hall' LP captures the Birdman sound. But nothing compares to actually seeing footage with original audio. The DVD has Paddington footage of the track 'What Gives?', re-mastered and restored with the live audio and it's amazing.

5. A special deluxe collector’s edition

There's a limited-edition box with a special digipak DVD, the 'Funhouse Jukebox' soundtrack (CD or vinyl), photos, poster, stickers and a load of extras. You'll find it on sale at upcoming Birdman shows.

6. It's Radio Birdman

Do you need another reason? Yeah Hup!

Radio Birdman Tour Dates

Thu 27 Sep - The Croxton Bandroom (Melbourne)
Fri 28 Sep - The Triffid (Brisbane)
Sun 30 Sep - The Gov (Adelaide)
Sat 6 Oct - Manning Bar (Sydney)


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