6 Places To Eat While On The Road With Claude Hay

Claude Hay tours throughout Victoria and NSW March and April 2018. Claude Hay tours throughout Victoria and NSW March and April 2018.

Claude Hay has become a permanent fixture on the festival circuit and rightly so.

He has clocked up four albums since hitting the scene a decade ago and his music has taken him across the country and the world.

After coming home after a sold-out UK tour late last year, Claude hunkered down with his band to put together a fresh album for 2018. The first single is 'Still Want More', which Claude and band will road test during an April-May tour.

1. Has to be pizza in Rome.

If there is one thing I'm obsessed about food-wise it's GOOD pizza and is the best over there. I had it everyday; drove my wife nuts.

2. Pierogi in Poland.

Polish dumplings are so addictive. My favourite filling is creamy mushroom; very good on a cold, wet night.

3. Bratwurst in Germany.

So delicious. Generally it's late at night after some of the finest beer in the world; hits the spot.

4. Singapore noodles with char siu in you know where.

The best thing is you can get them anytime of the night as there is always a restaurant open after a show over there. Classic street food. Yuuuuum!

5. Favourite place to play is Netherlands, but can't say that about their food.

It's horrible... sorry. Although, if you have your beer goggles on chips with mayonnaise and some deep-fried croquette is good. Don't ask what's in a croquette, just eat it.

6. Deep fried pickles in Nashville.

I never liked pickles before then... it's all about the batter. Mmmm I'm hungry now.

Claude Hay Tour Dates

Thu 22 Mar - The Skylark Room (Upwey)
Fri 23 Mar - The Blues Train (Queenscliff)
Sat 24 Mar - House On The Hill (Melbourne)
Sun 25 Mar - Ocean Grove Hotel
Thu 29 Mar - Lazy Bones Lounge (Sydney)
Fri 30 Mar - The Stag & Hunter (Newcastle)
Sun 1 Apr - Currarong Bowling & Recreation Club
Fri 6 Apr - Tapp Bar @ Port Panthers (Port Macquarie)
Sat 7 Apr - Federal Hotel (Bellingen)
Thu 19 Apr - Frankie's Pizza (Sydney)
Sat 21 Apr - Bobby Jacks Festival (Walcha, NSW)
Sun 22 Apr - The Beaches (Wollongong)
Fri 27 Apr - The Agrestic Grocer (Orange)


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