5 Types Of People You'll Find At A Mid-Week Gig With Ben Camden

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Ben Camden's new single is titled 'Last Night' and is available now. Ben Camden's new single is titled 'Last Night' and is available now.

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Ben Camden recently unleashed his second single, the bluesy rock of 'Last Night'.

After the release of his first single ‘Strawberry Jam’ in December, Ben went on an extensive tour where he had the opportunity to support Sarah McLeod (The Superjesus) and Colin Hay (Men At Work).

Ben then dove back into the studio to record and collaborate with Govinda Doyle (Angus & Julia Stone – ‘Big Jet Plane’) on 'Last Night'. What emerged was an upbeat rock track.

With support shows with Diana Anaid (click here to read our recent interview with Diana) later this month, Ben shares 5 types of punters at a mid-week show.

1. The Frother

The one girl/ guy dancing like they're possessed right in front of the stage on their own. Usually the artist's housemate.

2. The Appreciator

Old dude sitting at the back who looks like Jeff Bridges and wears a faded Pink Floyd t-shirt. Leaves halfway through the last song, but not before locking eyes with the singer and giving them a nod.

3. The Had-Too-Much

Female variation crying because “this song is so beautiful”; male variation asking if he can come up and sing. Probably called Shaun.

4. The Spiritual Experience

She is always smiling and is actually floating a few inches off the ground. Dressed like the Zion people from 'The Matrix' and looks confused because the bar doesn't do turmeric tea.

5. The Converted

He/ she hadn't heard of the band until tonight. Buys beers as offerings and says things like “best guitarist since Clapton”. Facebook-friend requests the drummer later that night.

'Last Night' is available now.

Ben Camden Tour Dates

Thu 24 May - The Cambridge Hotel (Newcastle)*
Fri 25 May - Smiths Alternative (Canberra)*
Sat 26 May - The Factory Theatre (Sydney)*
Fri 8 Jun - Some Velvet Morning (Melbourne)

*supporting Diana Anaid.


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