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Madam Wong officially release their debut EP at The Hideaway Bar (Sydney) 18 May. Madam Wong officially release their debut EP at The Hideaway Bar (Sydney) 18 May.

The first release from a band can make or break their success in an unforgiving industry. Many have come and a great deal have failed. Madam Wong don't plan on being one of those bands.

'…And The Sunlight’s Creepin’ In' is the debut EP from Sydney-based melodic-punk band. The five-track release is 'full of energy, passion and catchy-as-anything punk rock' and is available now.

With a loyal fan base already built around the Sydney area, Madam Wong are turning heads receiving air time on triple j as well as numerous community stations and punk radio shows around the world (including regular plays on German and British punk shows).

Ahead of a launch show in Sydney next week, Madam Wong suggest 5 listicles you can look at to past the time. Thanks gents.

“As long as we, as a race, have been able to communicate verbally, we have been making lists. Arguing one’s point of view is as in-built into our nature as breathing, so listing our preference of all manner of things is part of our make up.

“It is for this reason that many, many lists exist. But which list is the best list? Here is Madam Wong's top 5 list of top 5 lists.”

5. 5 Ways To Kill Sarah Connor

Some really intelligent, well-devised strategies to ensure Skynet’s success. I have re-read this list at least 700 times.

4. 5 Ways To Tie A Velcro Shoelace

Ok, yeah, all five ways are pretty similar. But not exactly the same. Some very useful insights in this list. I know my velcies [sic] have never been tighter.

3. 5 Techniques You Can Use To Solve Complex Second-Order Partial Differential Equations

Separation of variables. Laplace’s equation. This list has it all. A not-to-be-missed collection of everything I know you want to know about tangential multivariable functions.

2. 5 Nicknames For Your Mate Darren

We all have one. A mate named Darren. But we can’t call him Darren. So what can we call him? Consult this list for more information.

1. 5 Things A Giant Would Step On If He Got Lost In Downtown San Francisco

I know for a fact this has kept you up at night. Some poor giant walking around San Fran. Can’t find his way home. He’s gonna squash things, isn’t he. But what? What will he squash?

Madam Wong officially release their debut EP at The Hideaway Bar (Sydney) 18 May. They'll be joined by fellow punks This Time Only, My Name Is John and As We Fall.


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