5 Things You Didn't Know About The Hiding

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After being featured on the Kyle and Jackie O Alist and across 140 US and Canadian college-radio stations as well as having a song on ‘The Block’, Melbourne’s indie, electro-pop outfit The Hiding are releasing their new single, ‘Lost Kids Balloon'.

An upbeat track with an edgy, guitar melody, smooth vocals and synth-pop lines it was produced by Ryan Ritchie (who also produced Kimbra’s ARIA award-winning single ‘Cameo Lover’).

The Hiding have embraced a new direction with experimental arrangements. “Feeling like a lost kids balloon drifting out of view is the awakening when you realise you're no longer in your loved one's future,” The Hiding says.

“We always feel in some stage of our life that we are the only ones getting these setbacks and that the grass is always greener on the other side.”

Here are 5 things you didn't know about the guys.

1. Ryan (our bass player) is extremely fit and can offer amazing advice on all fitness, weight-related issues. He’s competed professionally too.

2. Anthony, once on a family holiday at the Gold Coast, stayed in the same hotel as Metallica and got a photo with Kirk Hammett (after they thought he was stalking them).

3. Chris (keys/ vocals/ production) in 2014 met Gotye while on holiday in London after seeing The Basics play in a small, little pub.

4. The common phrases in our group chats are ‘Don’t You Dare’ and ‘You’ve Got A Nerve’.

5. On command, Ryan can word for word recite LMFAO’s hit ‘Sexy And I Know It’.

The Hiding launch 'Lost Kids Balloon' at Horse Bazaar (Melbourne) 1 April.

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