5 Things That Have Empowered Phebe Starr As A Musician

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With the recent release of a new single, ' They Keep Telling Me', Sydney electro-pop artist Phebe Starr confronts the disheartening experiences of sexism she has encountered in the music industry.

“I wrote this track after the worst co-write I've had in my life," Phebe says. "Two sexist jerks told me to sit in a room and shut up while they wrote a hit for me.

“It was humiliating and demoralised the purpose of creativity and the hard work I've put in to creating a life filled with it. It’s horrible to have been treated as a stereotype or having to live up to one to be accepted.

“I wrote this song about my quiet rebellion from those expectations which seem to chase me through life.”

After flicking the bird to the sexist attitudes of some within the industry, Phebe shares five things that have empowered her as a musician.

1. This Book

'Art And Fear' by David Bayles & Ted Orland. One of the most helpful, practical books I've read. Essential for 'getting it done' in the art world.


Seriously, this is an amazing resource, full of incredibly passionate people who answer emails and want you to succeed. Ask lots of questions, go to their events. Don't be shy. There are so many things that this place does to help.

3. Tools

Dropbox, Hard-drive, YouTube tutorials, Gear tutorials, Waves.com, apps that make life easier like Trip-it. Anything that makes communication and administration easier is awesome.

4. Reading biographies

I've found it really hard to find mentors or people with time and advise to give. One thing that has helped me is reading or watching biographies of women in the music industry. Even if you don't like their music, there is so many positive things to take away. I have particularly been encouraged by Dolly Parton.

5. Creative community

From practical help and collaboration, to artist growth and emotional support, art is influenced by its surroundings and I'm constantly inspired by friends who are doing amazing work in different areas. I love diverse thinkers who challenge me. Shout-outs to a few friends who have helped this week: Echo.rec, Gavin Turek, Froyo, Jonny Higgins.

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