5 Things That Are Yellow With The Harpoonist And The Axe Murderer

Canada's The Harpoonist And The Axe Murderer are headed to the east coast of Australia next month.

The duo peddle a greasy, gritty soul that's imbued with funk and has been described by their Australian publicist as: 'Think the blues of Muddy Waters, mixed with the festival party/ folk of Kim Churchill with a twin – both who have the Hollywood looks of Ryan Reynolds; all the while swimming in a vat of Mississippi moonshine.'

Ahead of visits to the Mullum Music Festival and Queenscliff Music Festival, the guys list five things that are yellow. Sorry Chris Martin. You didn't make the list.

1. My old Mazda Protege

Though it's been called many things, including a douche bag's car and has been mistaken by many a drunkard as a taxi, its is fool-proof for musicians with poor memories when it comes to finding your car in a massive parkade and that's priceless.

2. Mopho by Dave Smith Instruments

While this monophonic synthesizer may only get you laid with the geek crowd, it's tone oscillators will make bass rumblings that would penetrate even the squarest of civil servants into a booty jiggling, frothy fiasco.

3. Bananas

Kids love them, adults do to. They're amazing on cereal, in bread, in a shake, on pancakes, in sundaes, and look hilarious all poo-like in your freezer after months.


4. The Man In The High Castle

Philip K Dick (original cover). This book offers an alternative view if the Nazis won WW2 and occupied big chunks of the US. It's great for many reasons including: Canada as a safe haven for comedians; the fake antiques trade is huge, and marijuana is somehow legalised in Nazi America. Need I say more?

5. My kid's skateboard helmet

Much like having a yellow car, it is easy to find; and also highly visible for drivers of all vehicles when you live in a very foggy, rainy part of the world.

The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer Tour Dates

19-20 Nov - Mullum Music Festival
Tue 22 Nov - Play Bar (Sydney)
Thu 24 Nov - Caravan (Melbourne)
25-27 - Queenscliff Music Festival

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