5 Struggling Musician Meals With Pirra

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Sydney indie rockers Pirra latest single, ‘All For Ya’, is a gloomy, synth cloud that hovers over an upbeat groove, accompanied by a sparkling atmosphere that inhales for a moment of silence before releasing into the silken vocals of lead singer Jessica Beck.

A song about the ups and downs of living large and partying hard, ‘All For Ya’ follows on from previous singles: the dreamy ambient sounds of ‘Wake Me’ and track ‘Hunter’ which follows a thrill-seeker on his/her battle against the moderates.

Currently on tour, the members of Pirra are well-versed in the struggles of indie musicians, particularly when it comes to eating. Hence there Top 5 selection: struggling musician meals.

Budget Nachos

Place corn chips on the plate, cover with grated cheese and microwave for 30, 40 seconds. Grab a jar of salsa and microwave separately for 20, 25 seconds, poor over the corn chips and scoff.

Mi Goreng

Ultimate, low-budget option is just the packet itself with the included seasoning. If finances allow, you can add egg, broccoli, beans and mushrooms, then stir-fry to cook.

Satay Rice

Boil white rice. Add a tablespoon of peanut butter and sweet chilli to taste. Garlic is a luxurious extra.

Alfredo Deluxe

Follow instructions on packet. Add frozen vegetables, half a can of corn and a can of tuna.


Although we aren’t aware of any science to back claims that Guinness satisfies any nutritional bodily needs, a pint or two can do wonders in fending off hunger.

It’s folklore that the amount of carbs in a pint of Guinness is about the same as a loaf of bread, although you may have trouble adding salad and spread to your Guinness. Of course seek advice first from your local pub.

'All For Ya' features on Pirra's debut album, 'Animal Kingdom', available now.

Pirra Shows

Wed 22 Mar - Monash University (Melbourne)
Thu 23 Mar - The Grace Emily, Adelaide
Fri 24 Mar - Adelaide Fringe Festival, Cave Garden (Mt Gambier)
Thu 8 Jun - Black Bear Lodge (Brisbane)


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