5 Spanish Hangover Delicacies To Get You Back On Your Feet With Los Chicos

Los Chicos play their own headline shows and support Radio Birdman. Los Chicos play their own headline shows and support Radio Birdman.

Spanish band Los Chicos first got together 18 years ago and built a country-punk-rock-soul-gospel machine that has blown out venues all over the world.

No strangers to our shores, Los Chicos will return to Australia for their fifth visit to support the recent release of their newest album, ‘By Medical Prescription’.

Ahead of their own headline shows as well as being main support on Radio Birdman's tour, Los Chicos guitarist Gerardo Urchaga shares a few Spanish hangover cures to get you back on your feet.

1. Pig ears

They can be fried, they can be panned if well done; they will always be this crunchy on the outside, melty on the inside delicacy that goes straight to your heart, and not like a Roy Orbison song.

2. Fabada

An Asturian faba bean stew, cooked slowly with chorizo (our world famous red sausage), morcilla (oniony, sausage-shaped black pudding) and tocino (pork belly). It’s gassy outcome will delight your visitors.

3. Callos

The stomach of the cow, deeply stewed with assorted spices; the main one being cumin. You can find them plain or with chickpeas – it’s all the same. It’s gooey tastiness will replace yesterday's excesses with this new excess. Use bread, lots of it.

4. Cachopo

Another Asturian delicacy. Stuff good cheese and ham between two half-pound steaks, bread that sh.t up and deep fry it. Serve it with lots of potato chips. Your arteries will scream for help, your brain is gonna be higher than a kite.

5. Tortilla de patatas

A big omelette stuffed with fried potatoes. In the north, it’s juicy and melty. In the south it's firm, perfect for bocatas (sandwiches). Every household has its own way to do it, and the onion debate ('with or without onion?') is going to break our country in two, like in the '30s. Even Los Chicos is divided in this subject, although, we will eat it anyways.

‘By Medical Prescription’ is available now.

Los Chicos Tour 2018

Sat 29 Sep - The Tote (Melbourne)
Tue 2 Oct - Grace Emily Hotel (Adelaide)
Wed 3 Oct - The Lansdowne Hotel (Sydney)
Thu 4 Oct - The Rad Bar (Wollongong)

With Radio Birdman

Thu 27 Sep - The Croxton Bandroom (Melbourne)
Fri 28 Sep - The Triffid (Brisbane)
Sun 30 Oct - The Gov (Adelaide)
5-6 Oct - Manning Bar (Sydney)


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