5 Recent Australian Chart Toppers Nathaniel Admires And Repects

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First seen on 'The X Factor', singer Nathaniel returns with his new single 'Vapours'.

Produced in LA with Freshm3n III (Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown), 'Vapours' pushes past the clean-cut pop that he’s been best known for. “The song is about being intoxicated by somebody, whether that is with sex, love or lust,” Nathaniel says. “It's a very sensual and unique song.”

Nathaniel shares 5 current Australian chart toppers he admires and respects.

1. Flume

This kid is a DJ/ musician and a producer which is the total package. A triple threat! I love how he turns a downtempo, experimental EDM song and makes it POP! A multi-talented, Grammy-winning artist who I’m a massive fan of. Favourite tune of his would be 'Never Be Like You'. The sonic landscapes and structures with his songs just mesh so well together.

This guy is a synth genius and loves working on the offbeat. He really understands the fundamentals of his drums; that bottom-end thump with the shine of his high hats makes me giggle like a little kid.

2. Jarryd James

I had the opportunity of working with this bloke a couple of years back and I must say he was a genuine, raw talent. We wrote a song that we called 'Trust' that could still be a potential release down the track. More importantly, his song 'Do You Remember' was a smash out of the gates.

Being a massive fan of his falsetto, this guy’s falsetto is on another level. It has such a haunting timbre to it, which sends shivers down your spine.

I love the simplicity of 'Do You Remember' and 9 out of 10 times you can distinguish a great song from its raw foundation, which he did so well. Again, massive fan.

3. Sia

Where do I start? Sia is a lyrical and melodic genius. From penning songs for Beyonce, Katy Perry to Britney Spears she definitely knows how to write a tune or two. I’m a huge fan of using metaphors when I write songs and Sia has the ability to use particular metaphors that aren't generic or overused, but well thought-out and powerful, not to mention how much of a stupidly-ridiculous singer she is.

Sia has a certain grit and rawness in her voice that resonates so much emotion that is mindblowing. What a creative genius and legacy she holds.

4. Matt Corby

After starting his career on a televised, singing competition many moons ago, he took time out to mould and shape his artistry and sound which totally paid off. I have found myself facing the same situation in my career where I am in a transitional period of finding my feet independently and taking a different direction.

He is a massive inspiration to really be true to yourself. Just like Jarryd James, he has a jaw-dropping falsetto that contributes to his amazing vocal talent. There are singers that can sing, but then there are singers who are in their own lane and he is definitely one of those artists.

5. Chet Faker aka Nick Murphy

'The Trouble With Us' is one of my favourite songs of his. Being a massive fan of soul-funk music, this song really hits it home for me. He keeps it live, raw and real and I'm totally vibing with his swag. I also love his rendition of 'No Diggity'.

I personally know that covering other artists can be quite difficult, but he nailed it with this organic rendition showing off his true artistry. He too, is a multi-talented artist who plays a variety of instruments, which really sets the tone of his ability to be able to pen a great song.

'Vapours' is available now.

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