5 Reasons Why Jamie MacDowell And Tom Thum Are A Good Team

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One is good with his fingers, and the other is good with his mouth.

Tom Thum is a one-man orchestra, best known for the most watched TEDx talk of all time. He's joined at Adelaide Fringe by bohemian singer-songwriter Jamie MacDowell as they form an award-winning musical alliance.

The duo is unique and artsy. Tom's heavy hitting beatboxing against Jamie's heartfelt songwriting and fingerwork makes for a magical collaboration. Their live show is made even stronger by their charm and wit, as they play off each other's talents and create music to seduce the senses.

Here, Jamie MacDowell lists five reasons why him and Tom and a good team both on stage and in their personal lives.

They never disagree in private.

They’ve learned that all disagreements are best left onstage, where their bitterness can be disguised as performance. They maintain that they’ve never had an argument.

They’ve saved each other's lives.

Jamie once called an ambulance in Germany while Tom was having a heart attack. Tom once made a stir fry for Jamie with cashew nuts, and Jamie had an anaphylactic reaction. Oh no, that’s not the same thing.

They often throw stones at each other's stones.
There are a few variations on the game. Sometimes a stone is thrown, and the other tries to hit that stone with their stone, mid-air, like clay discs. Other times, they both take potshots at a designated stone on the ground. Sometimes they’ll designate a tree as the target, or a puddle, or a policeman.

They both lived with their parents for way too long.

Jamie and Tom started touring when they were young, and considering they didn’t achieve fame or fortune, and still wanted to tour, moving out was difficult. Plus, laundry.

Jamie likes everything Tom likes.

Including Tom’s girlfriend.

Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum play The Menagerie from 7-19 March.

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