5 Reasons To Marry A Ginger According To Dear Willow

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Dear Willow's new single is titled 'HOLD'. Dear Willow's new single is titled 'HOLD'.

Dear Willow is the creative voice of Sunshine Coast-based artist Em-J Dau.

Since 2012 Dear Willow has transformed from poet to a solo acoustic act and embraced her sound through a full band. Her new single is titled 'HOLD'.

We asked Em-J to supply a listicle of her choice and she supplied 5 reasons you should marry a ginger. Righteous.

"If being married to a ginger has taught me anything it's these five points," Em-J declares.

1. Doing your bit

Gingers only make up 2 per cent of the world, so really you're helping keep the world diverse.

2. Banter

They have the best sense of humour and can generally throw banter back at you better than LeBron can throw a basketball.

3. Convenience

You will never lose them in a crowd (great for us shorties), unless they're wearing a hat, which if the sun's out, chances are they're wearing a hat… crap!

4. Inclusion

Being married to a ginger means you become part of the club and can make ginger jokes "'cause I'm married to one". Sidenote: Prince Harry and HP fantasies… I mean what?

5. Sun protection on tap

Every self-respecting ranga carries a bottle of SPF30 everywhere they go. So there is no need to fret, you will never be burned again. Sidenote: you'll also always be the tanned one.

Dear Willow's latest single is titled 'HOLD' from her soon-to-be released debut EP. Dear Willow plays Ric's Bar (Brisbane) 21 June and 10 August, Solbar (Sunshine Coast) 12 July and Your Place Espresso & Bar (Mooloolaba) 21 July.


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