5 Reasons Brisbane Band Highgate Club Refused To Be Interviewed By scenestr

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Highgate Club are an indie-rock band from Brisbane. Highgate Club are an indie-rock band from Brisbane.

Brisbane indie rock three-piece Highgate Club recently released their debut album, ‘The Highgate Club’.

When we asked to interview the band, we received the following Top 5 listicle – 5 reasons not to be interviewed by scenestr. Funny bastards.


It feels a lot like real work.


Creative differences revealed in the interview process will likely bring about the end of the band.


Tom ‘Sticks’ Wilson aka the little drummer boy, will require a click track in order to accurately record his answers.

Rory will undoubtedly say ‘just let me do it one more time’ after each perfectly inspired effort at recording his answers, but will then become indignant if anyone suggests he try that one bit, just one more time.

Pat needs to postpone because he’s got this thing on, he said he’d do ages ago, and although he now doesn’t want to do it, it’s going to cause this whole thing if he doesn’t do it, and besides all that he’s unwilling to conform to the three-minute, industry-friendly answer format.


The band are currently not speaking to each other after many beers and a particularly heated game of RISK over the weekend.


Someone’s dad once told the band that it’s better to have people think you’re stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

"If you listen to only one track off the album, after a few drinks, lying on the floor of your room, in the dark, make it track ten – the lo-fi phone recording ‘Highgate’."

‘The Highgate Club’ album is available now.


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