5 Random, Hilarious Moments Created By Music Publicist Rob Carroll

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NSW Central Coast-based experimental-electronic pop duo Desert Moons have released their debut single, 'Rough Trade'.

The duo of brothers Jake and Simon Dobson recorded 'Rough Trade' at their home studio; if has already received airplay on Seattle radio station KEXP. Sweetness.

We asked them to supply a Top 5... they've gone after their own publicist. Bliss their boldness.

“For our Top 5 profile we’re throwing internet pest, Rob Carroll, under the bus. “Some of you may know Rob from his online antics, such as Your Friends House infamous article ‘Shelving a Quarter Pounder’ (which quite literally recalls Rob shoving a Quarter Pounder up his ass) and more recently the Facebook event ‘Throwing my laptop off a cliff’, which attracted the interest of over 8,000 keen Sydney-siders, worldwide news outlets and NSW Police, who ordered Rob to cancel it or he’d be arrested.

“What you may not know though, is that Rob is one of the country’s top indie music publicist’s and also our best mate.

“But as Rob is a f@#%ing psycho at the best of times, it was hard to pick what we could actually publish without him coming to our house to bash us. So, without any further ado, see our top 5 random, hilarious moments on the man, the myth, the fattest - Rob Carroll."

1. Pranks & LOLs

Rob is constantly up to mischief at and away from work. At one point, Rob was handling publicity for US punk rockers Guttermouth; a band notorious for their antics. Halfway through the tour, Rob and the band decided they’d stage a public firing of him as their publicist. The band announced they had lost contact with him, so posted his phone number up on their Facebook page, prompting fans to get in touch and let him know he was no longer in a job. Frontman, Mark Adkins staged this phone call.

After the internet (and Rob’s phone) blew up, both parties decided the prank had gone on for long enough, so revealed in was all just in jest. Apparently, tickets went through the roof over the next 48 hours and media had a field day; there was even an article in the Woman’s Day magazine.

2. Another prank and punk band

Rob was running a show for Frenzal Rhomb in Ulladulla, NSW. Rob posted on his Facebook that a lady had approached him at the ticketing station. She complained about the offensive nature of the show and demanded a refund. Frenzal Rhomb posted a screenshot of what Rob posted... people went bat-shit crazy.

It further escalated when a copy of a complaint letter from the disgruntled punter addressed to the local business chamber made it online.

Again, the music media world lapped it up and the story was everywhere. I think Rob may have gotten into a bit of trouble for this one though. He never really told us what happened in the end.

3. Lock your fridge

One of the benefits of having your publicist as your mate is any hangout can be excused as a 'meeting' of sorts. Dinner and beers have turned into somewhat of a weekly ritual for Desert Moons. However, there is bit of a downside. When Rob smokes weed, he gets the munchies hard and completely eats us out of house and home. I am not lying when I say we had to install a lock on our fridge (see below photo).

fridge lock

My brother Simon was at a party recently and overheard a guy we didn’t even know mentioning Rob always coming over to his house, getting stoned and clearing out his fridge too. Gotta take the good with the bad, I guess.

4. Gift of the gab

When we were younger, Rob would occasionally come on tour with us for a bit of fun. As per usual, Rob would get bored and decide to take the role of our tour manager, which was a pretty good outcome as the guy can talk people into doing whatever he needs from them. Once we were staying in a modest, I dunno, 2.5-star motel that the venue had provided (which was completely fine).

Before we knew it, Rob had the owner upgrade us to a 5-star penthouse suite and also agree to upgrade our rider from a case of Toohey’s New to something fucking Motley Crüe would be lapping up. After this, it just became a game for him. One venue even got us snorkels within an hour of requesting. I don’t think he enjoyed touring as much as he did swindling deals with people on them.

5. Weirdo magnet

Wherever Rob goes, incredible luck or hilarious misfortune finds him. We’ve had first-account dealings of this and believe me, it’s nothing short of amazing to watch or be involved in; we only wish we could publish the juicier stories. Either way to finish off, we’ve ripped a few classics from his Facebook for you to enjoy. Thanks for the LOLs Robbo.


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