5 Places Cowboys Of Love Like To Take Themselves On Dates, Seriously

One of Adelaide’s finest electric power-pop trios, it's time to dust off your dancing shoes and showcase your best moves to Cowboys Of Love's infectious tunes.

But before you do, the guys share five Adelaide locations they don't mind taking themselves on dates. I think that's a hint dear reader.

5. Mile End Rwy Station

Platforms and tracks yet ne’er a soul makes a sound. The track corp locked up and now I must walk around.

4. Muratti Cakes and Gateaux, Prospect

When life takes a turn and you run out of steak consider yourself at one with the cake.

3. Mr V Music, Semaphore Road

For NRBQ or a bootleg LP there’s only one guy and that’s Mr V.

2. Cam Wah, Kilkenny

If you wake with a cough and a tickle one day the only true cure is Cam Wah’s Bun Bo Hue.

1. Magnetic Garden (once a month at The Exeter Hotel)

Lonely again on a cold Sunday night? Lenny's yer bloke and Lenny's alright.

Cowboys Of Love play the Semaphore Music Festival launch show at Semaphore Workers Club 30 July. They also play a Guitars In Bars event at The Gov 26 July as part of Umbrella: Winter City Sounds and Greenroom's Gig At The Gov 28 July. All shows in Adelaide.

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