5 Numbers That Come Before 6 With Blooming

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Blooming launches his debut single, 'Ways To Go', at Ancient World (Adelaide) 25 March, 2018. Blooming launches his debut single, 'Ways To Go', at Ancient World (Adelaide) 25 March, 2018.

With a decade-plus career that has seen him perform solo as well as with multiple bands, Adelaide musician Blooming is ready to release his debut single, 'Ways To Go'.

“['Ways To Go' is] a song about knowing where you want to go while needing to come to accept where you are,” Blooming says.

“It's a song about waiting for the thing you desperately want.”

Here, Blooming lists five numbers that come before six. Because... why not.

1. One.

We can't go past old faithful, can we? With associations with bands like One Direction and songs like 'One Love' (the list goes on and on) this number speaks volumes of itself.

Strong. Independent. Indivisible. A reminder of our inherent oneness with the universe as well as vintage boy bands.

2. Two.

Coming right up after one is... two! As an early childhood teacher, it's obvious that there can be no idea of separation without there being 'another'.

Here's the first number representative of there being something added to our experience of this big, beautiful universe, whether it's a crayon or another human being. Solid work, number two.

3. Three.

Two is company... but THREE is where the party is at. Three gives us a new dimension. A new angle. We're no longer butting heads, we're having a discussion. And who doesn't love a good threesome?

4. 2.0.

When you want something bigger, badder, leaner, stronger (you name it!) everyone knows it's called a 2.0. (Shame on you for thinking this was just some ridiculous count to five)

5. Five.

Ahh five. The perfect number for any group setting. Prime, you could say, in it being the exact number for a group to come together and create magic. (All hail Radiohead)

Blooming launches 'Ways To Go' at Ancient World (Adelaide) 25 March.


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