5 Most Embarrassing Moments With Caroline Tucker

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For the second year in a row, Fresh 92.7 will assist in presenting Electro Live - a showcase of Adelaide’s brightest up and coming electronic artists - as part of Umbrella: Winter City Sounds.

One of those artists is local DJ and radio announcer Caroline Tucker. She juggles her role as host of Fresh 92.7’s local music radio show ‘Fresh Air’, with a busy touring schedule that has included a trip to the Philippines.

Before she takes to the stage at Electro Live, she shares some of her most embarrassing moments. We appreciate the sharing feels Caroline (and we'd never throw limes at you #honest).


When swipe dancing was big, one of the frothers dancing next to me kicked out and shattered my patella (aka my knee cap, for those of you playing at home). I thought it was just popped out, so I punched it back in place like a boss. Next minute, I couldn't walk properly for six months or wear heels for a year. Also, my boss at the time thought it would be fun to throw limes as hard as he could at my back, because I couldn't run away... shout-out to Patrick!


At a festival, I got so beyond-this-world amped when Nero performed that I went to mosh and leant forward at the same time… and I smashed my knee into my own face, causing a blood nose. I’m not a quitter, so I ventured onwards to the circle pit with a waterfall running down my face and probably a hectic concussion.


When I was younger, I was rocking out with my socks out to 'Smack My Bitch Up' by The Prodigy and I attempted to do a sweet AF karate kick on the drop, using both legs. Lucky my friend totally saved the day with some electric air guitar and no animals were harmed in the making of this story. Unless you want to discuss my ego. That was extremely harmed.


Wearing the latest fashion of sheer tops with bras and playing a sweet trap set, I was getting into it like nobody’s business. The crowd was on a swell, there were huge amounts of people coming in, I was waving, they were waving, I winked and pointed, they winked and pointed. I screamed “throw your hands in the air!” and everybody responded with a loud roar. My nipples also responded with a loud roar, because they were really cold and accidentally saying hi to all of my fans in front of the decks. #nipslip


I was dancing at a venue minding my own business, when a random sheila decided it would be fun to run up and kiss me on the mouth without warning. What she didn't anticipate was the lack of balance I was able to collect at the shock of being attacked by a flurry of strawberry kisses that not even the sweet Miss Nikki Webster would have missed. This lead to yours truly falling backwards onto a stage and being knocked out cold. When I woke up, everyone came back to my house and we played keyboard while eating garlic bread. Great evening all around.

Electro Live takes place at Cinema Place Canopy 19 July.


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