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Eleon's debut single is titled 'If It Ain't Me'. Eleon's debut single is titled 'If It Ain't Me'.

Introducing you to mysterious new artist Eleon and his debut offering, 'If It Ain't Me'.

Think the progressively new pop sounds of ZAYN combined with an urban feel.

The LA artist has remained faceless so far in his career, preferring you to create your own image of Eleon. “I want you to create your own movie. Create your own characters. Hell, you can even see yourself if you want.”

With 'If It Ain't Me' now available, Eleon shares a couple of influential, faceless artists that have inspired others.

"These artists have a lot to teach us about the split-second judgements we all make upon seeing someone, before they even open their mouth," the LA artist says.

1. Sia

Sia chose to hide her identity completely for the longest time. Then when she finally did make an 'appearance', it was with hair covering her face down to her chin. Sia wanted the music to speak for itself.

Fun fact about Sia is that she had been making music for YEARS before she got her first, big hit. Why would someone as gifted as her finally explode after playing the game of mystique? Wheels turning yet?

2. The Weeknd

You might be surprised that he is on this list. Most people think they met The Weeknd after the wild hairdo came out and we saw him on stage delivering epic vocals to the smash song 'Can't Feel My Face'.

The Weeknd is now one of the top entertainers in America and abroad, but some don't know that he started with absolutely no information at all. Simply the music.

After garnering an incredible buzz and frenzy over who it was singing with those Michael Jackson-esque vocal styles, The Weeknd and Drake did a song together and the debut of his identity was scheduled on stage with Drake to perform their song live.

The show was sold out and people were clamouring to finally see who it was. Why would he choose to keep his identity a secret for so long? He simply got 'judged' by ears and not eyes... maybe he wanted the music to literally speak for itself?

3. H.E.R.

Although I know who this person is, most people still don't. She came out as an artist, full exposure. Catchy songs, great music, name and face all out in the open. However, it wasn't popping. The buzz reached a ceiling and never broke out beyond it.

So she decided to do something different. She changed from her real name to H.E.R. She put images of her silhouette as artwork and kept the true identity of 'H.E.R.' a secret. Same music, same vibe, same voice. This time however, the ceiling broke and the buzz is still pushing up like a rocket.

If you haven’t heard of this artist yet, you will. Again, same question: why the identity secret? Why wasn't she breaking through when people could see her beautiful face?

4. Marshmello

This DJ is quickly becoming a household name with dance hit after dance hit being delivered to hungry, wild fans. He puts a huge marshmallow on his head, wears all white and the marshmallow has a smiley face with X-out eyes. The image is striking and immediately sparks interest.

Many artists eventually reveal themselves. However for Marshmello, it is looking like the real identity has no plan of making the spotlight. This DJ may always and forever stay a mystery.


Last, the newest of this list is me. I am ELEON. My reason for choosing to not reveal my identity all boils down to one thing. When you hear my music, I want you to create your own movie. Create your own characters. Hell, you can even see yourself if you want.

So many people who read books, go to the movies to see their favourite books brought to life by big Hollywood directors. I am sure you have heard the same thing over and over, they always say the book was better.

Why is that? Because imagination is limitless. It is an endless source of unlimited visuals. Our mind creates the most ideal visuals to relate to us specifically and make the story come to life. This is why you can't top it, even with a multi-million dollar Hollywood budget.

Listen to my music. Create your story, your movie, your scenes, your actors. Feel the vibrations that moved my pen and the sonic inspiration that filled my lungs.

Don't worry about what I look like or who I am. Just live in the sound for now and remember to always look deeper into who people are before coming to any conclusions about them. This is the message Sia, The Weeknd, and all the others are bringing to the world.

'If It Ain't Me' is available now.


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