5 Incredible Band Performances You Can Watch On YouTube With Autosuggest

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Autosuggest is the solo project of Sydney producer Alec Mallia, who returns with new single 'In Lust'.

The first taste of his from debut EP, 'Murmur', 'In Lust' was “intentionally written as a clash between older inspirations and new-found obsessions,” Alex says, and sees his signature post-punk sound take a darker, dance-inspired turn.

When asked to supply a list for scenestr, Autosuggest supplied five incredible performances you can watch on YouTube.

1. Baths - Pitchfork Music Festival, Paris, 2014

This performance is by no means perfect, but Will Wiesenfeld’s vocal performance is so full of energy that by the time he reaches the track ‘Ocean Death’, his strained screaming perfectly complements the brooding rhythm. I honestly think that song in particular sounded better than the record.

2. Efterklang - Tiny Desk Performance, NPR, 2013

Just beautiful. In stark contrast to their often orchestral and grand-sounding production, Efterklang still manage to create grand and emotive music with office supplies.

3. New Order - Taras Shevchenko, New York, 1981

A perfect lesson in tension. From the subtle washes of light to the creeping electronic elements embedding themselves in their music, New Order in their element, and as raw is gets.

4. Radiohead - In Rainbows From The Basement, Maida Vale Studios (London), 2008

Everything is nailed here: the production, the performance, the setlist. A great, live recording of the B-Side ‘Bangers + Mash’ from the second disk of 'In Rainbows'.

5. Midnight Oil - Oils On The Water, Goat Island (Sydney), 1985

An absolute classic, seeing Peter Garrett plunge into the crowd and dance with everyone is such an awesome sight. I don’t cross the Bridge without thinking of it.

'In Lust' single and the 'Murmur' EP are available now.

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