5 If Whiskeys Were Women According To Great Aunt

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Great Aunt Great Aunt
Alt-folk, Americana duo Great Aunt (from Melbourne) use music as a catharsis; a way to express the best and worst of the human experience: sadness, grief, love and hope.

And whiskey always helps.

Here, they liken the best of whiskeys to the best of women.

1. Lagavulin 16-year old aka Nina Simone

The queen of whiskeys: megalithic, momentous, big, bad, bold. Drink through a cigarette from an ashtray from the highest point on the earth and you’re halfway to knowing where your tambourine’s at.

2. Laphroaig 10-year old aka Big Mama Thornton

A big, throaty shout; feel it in your guts from ten miles away. Every neighbourhood hound dog can smell you drinking it. Straight from the bottle, kids; ain’t no fuss.

3. Kilchoman Madeira Cask aka Gillian Welch

Warm and rough; on par with Lagavulin, but more understated, restrained. Great as a boilermaker with a Dave Rawlings IPA, but also classy solo.

4. Starward Wine Cask aka Nai Palm

Some world-class contemporary Melbourne shit, with a twist. Something about wine cask maturation or Grammy nomination. Eh, who cares... both bangin’.

5. Auchentoshan American Oak aka Beyoncé Knowles

Sugar and spice, vanilla and coconut, elegant and bold. Serve with water, lemonade or a side of f@%# you, Jay Z.

Great Aunt Shows

16-17 Sep - Nimbin Roots Festival
Thu 21 Sep - Bellingen Brewery
Sun 24 Sep - The Triffid (Brisbane)
Tue 26 Sep - Ric's Bar (Brisbane)
Thu 28 Sep - New Globe Theatre (Brisbane)
Fri 29 Sep - Rick's Garage (Sunshine Coast)
13-15 Oct - Foggy Mountain Bluegrass Festival (Kinglake)


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