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Perth's Fraeya has today release her debut single 'Housewarming'. Perth's Fraeya has today release her debut single 'Housewarming'.

Self-described as 'sad folk with hopeful undertones', Perth's Fraeya has today release her debut single 'Housewarming'.

“When I wrote this song it just came out of me all at once, and since then we must have played it live 100 times,” Fraeya says.

“It’s evolved and grown with us and now it’s finally encapsulated into a three-minute track; it’s our first ever recorded song and we can’t be happier with it. This song means a lot to me and I hope it gets to mean something to other people as well.”

Ahead of Fraeya launching 'Housewarming' at The Bird in Perth tomorrow (Saturday), she shares 5 housewarming gift ideas.

“Whether you have listened to the single or have just googled something and are genuinely stressed out about buying a gift, take a big breath and count to five because that’s how many ideas I’ve got for you for the sake of this article.

“If five isn’t enough for you or you still need help, feel free to message my music page and we can sort it out.” What a gal.

1: Make food to bring to the party

This is fun and easy. You don’t want to rock up at your friends housewarming and there’s nothing to offer, but a bag of Coles brand salt and vinegar chips in a bowl on the dining table. You don’t want to embarrass them like that. They just moved in. They don’t have anything in the fridge yet. Show some bloody consideration.

I would recommend making something easy and vegetarian-friendly, so your fellow vego friends aren’t the only ones sitting at the dining table eating bad quality chips for dinner.

A night time housewarming party? Make a curry. Great for sharing and if you chuck some rice in, everyone’s bellies are full. A day time housewarming? Go sweet. Cinnamon scrolls go off like a house on fire.

2: Beverages

We all know a really nice bottle of wine is the perfect housewarming gift. But think outside the box. What about a really nice bottle of liqueur? Aperol for a Spritz? Campari for a Negroni? Things you always want on your shelf.

Your friend is doing Dry July? Buy them a jumbo pack of English breakfast tea or a jumbo pack of Milo. It’s the small things.

3: Things that people always expect to be in the pantry but never are

These presents are less flashy, but have the kind of thoughtfulness that’s actually ridiculous. Buy them the things they are going to run out of. Instead of buying them a $30 bottle of wine, like everyone else, get them a $30 6L can of really nice olive oil. Buy them salt and pepper shakers. Forks. Toilet paper. Q tips.

4: Really big, fluffy blankets

These blankets are the most underrated things on the planet. You know the ones I’m taking about, the really big, fluffy ones that you would always touch in Kmart as a kid because you couldn’t help yourself.

Well guess what? You’re an adult now and you actually have money to buy them. For your friends. For their new house. You’re welcome.

5: Multi-purpose cleaning spray

Okay, you probably think that I’m running out of ideas at this point. But hear me out. Anyone who has lived in a sharehouse knows that it can get messy; cleaning sucks and no one ever takes responsibility for anything.

But multi-purpose cleaning spray can get mould (or blame) off any crumbed surface and it’s so satisfying that it makes cleaning fun (kind of). See. Definitely didn’t run out of ideas.

Anyway, those are my Top 5 housewarming gift ideas, you can also go listen to my debut single if you want but as a warning its a lot sadder and a lot less informative.

Lots of love, Fraeya


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