5 Favourite Vintage-Wear Sports Brands With Alêtro

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Alêtro will open for What So Not at HQ Complex (Adelaide) 22 June, 2018. Alêtro will open for What So Not at HQ Complex (Adelaide) 22 June, 2018.

Emerging Adelaide producer Alêtro, who just dropped his brooding remix of Childish Gambino’s 'This Is America', will open for What So Not in Adelaide next week.

Alêtro, who arrived on the scene earlier this year with 'Bubblebeam' that he produced entirely out of his bedroom studio, recently won Triple J Unearthed’s WSN competition with his future-bass homage to DJ Emoh - 'Pucker Up'.

Alêtro also has a love for vintage sports brand, judging by this listicle he supplied where he lists his favourite vintage-wear sports brands.

1. Kappa

Coming from an Italian family, I pretty much grew up wearing Italian soccer kits. With both the national team and Juventus repping Kappa sponsorships during my childhood, I never stood a chance to wear anything else. A bad year for Italian soccer, but a great year for Kappa.

I had this exact blue jersey with my name on the back.


2. Fila

After fading into the background for around a decade, I remember a few years ago having the thought that Fila had really gone off the scene but used to be so cool.

I should’ve invested in some stock back then cause now Fila is cooler than ever. Especially if you manage to dig out one of their big rain jackets from Salvos.

One of my personal favourite jumpers. The dark green patch is leather. You can see me repping it in China Roses (who Alêtro does production for) film clip for 'Spiritual' [at the 2:55 mark].

3. Adidas

A classic for years. You can don any Adidas article of clothing from any era these days and it’s still dope as. Who wouldn’t rep a matching Adidas tracksuit from this era?


4. Lotto

A bit of a niche Italian brand. A lot of their stock from the mid-'90s is starting to make its way through op shops and vintage stores alike. I’ve dug out a few gems in the past 12 months and I’m liking them quite a-Lotto.

Another from my personal collection. The collar gets me every time.


5. Umbro

Similarly styled and during the same era of European football fashion as Lotto. Umbro was my childhood club’s sponsor, so I always had an array of gear. The fact that they’re made for ease of movement, breathability and sweat absorption makes them perfect for playing shows.

Me repping this bad boy while opening for US production wizard Giraffage.


Alêtro supports What So Not at HQ Complex (Adelaide) 22 June.


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