5 Favourite Fruits With Joan As Police Woman

Joan As Police Woman tours Australia in May. Joan As Police Woman tours Australia in May.

American musician and songwriter, Joan As Police Woman celebrates a career spanning almost 30 years with a triple CD release 'JOANTHOLOGY'.

Joan Wasser began her musical journey in 1991 as a violinist with The Dambuilders who were signed to Elektra Records. She was also a member of Those Bastard Souls, a side project formed in 1995 by The Grifters' David Shouse.

Then in 1997, her boyfriend of three years Jeff Buckley died (he was also a close friend of Shouse)... later that year, Joan created a band with the remaining members of Buckley's band called Black Beetle – the first time she had fronted a band.

In 1999, Joan joined Antony And The Johnsons initially as a violinist, but eventually as a full-time member and contributed to their Mercury Prize-winning album, 'I Am A Bird Now'.

By 2002 Black Beetle had ceased and Joan had created a new band, Joan As Police Woman that would spawn the albums: 'Real Life' [2006]; 'To Survive' [2008]; 'The Deep Field' [2011]; 'The Classic' [2014]; and 'Damned Devotion' [2018].

Her resume also includes live performances and studio work with the likes of Elton John, Lou Reed, Rufus Wainwright, John Cale, Sheryl Crow, Scissor Sisters, Sparklehorse and Dave Gahan.

The 'JOANTHOLOGY' release spans the first 15 years of Joan’s remarkable solo musical output and includes new, rare and unreleased material alongside more than 30 of her most-loved songs.

Here, Joan shares her love of fruit. Yes, FRUITS.


They say the enzymes in papaya most resemble human being’s stomach enzymes and therefore, promote healthy digestion. Whether I feel that or not, I love this fruit for its incredible sweetness, flavour and texture. From my years of experience repping papaya, I’ve noticed that some people are afraid of it. They call it 'meaty'. To that I say, bring on the fruit meat. Often the worse they look on the outside, the better they are on the inside. I think that’s true for a lot of things.


A fresh mango can get me up in the morning. I would even have it before coffee if I knew the coffee was imminently available. Right now in Brooklyn, the 'champagne' mangoes are available in full bloom. I buy them ten at a time.


Fresh dates are hard to find but when I do, I will travel to source them. I’ve found incredible ones in Paris, Joshua Tree and Morocco. I would move somewhere if I knew I could get fresh dates. I need to spend more time in Egypt.

Fresh Fig

In Brooklyn, there is a large Italian population including many who planted fig trees in their back yards many years ago. Somehow these trees survive the harsh NYC winters. When they start to produce ripe fruit, you know because the birds start to go crazy. My friend and I once carried a ladder late at night to pick them from a tree that had grown out onto the sidewalk. There were thousands. It was only the birds who were enjoying them and we had to get in on the feast.


I know it doesn’t seem like a fruit, but because it’s got a pit it qualifies. I often use them in baking as they provide so much moisture and softness. And obviously, cut in half with a little balsamic reduction and a pinch of salt – you’ve got a heavenly snack.

'JOANTHOLOGY' is released 24 May.

Joan As Policewoman Australia Tour 2019

Wed 1 May - Spiegeltent (Gold Coast)
Thu 2 May - Northcote Social Club (Melbourne)
Fri 3 May - Caravan Music Club (Melbourne)
Sat 4 May - The Sound Doctor Presents (Angelsea, VIC)
Sun 5 May - Spiegeltent (Wollongong)
Tue 7 May - Metro Theatre (Sydney)
Wed 8 May - The Street Theatre (Canberra)
Thu 9 May - Lizotte's (Newcastle)
Fri 10 May - Northcote Social Club (Melbourne)


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