5 Favourite Baked Goods With Odlaw

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Odlaw returns with new single 'Semo Polenta'. Odlaw returns with new single 'Semo Polenta'.

Purveyors of 'indie post-emo, suburban folk-tinged rock songs', Odlaw released their debut album, 'Regret City', last year.

The group, led by 'songwriter and grey-haired weirdo Mark Neal', are back with a catchy number 'Semo Polenta'. After a couple of solo shows in July, Odlaw have a band show in early August as well as another solo outing for Mark later in the month.

To celebrate the launch of new music, Mark shares 5 of his favourite baked goods.

1. Semi Polenta loaf from Mary St Bakery (obviously).

The inspiration behind the title of the latest Odlaw single and the best hangover cure that life has ever offered. I get between three and five loaves a week without fail. Top it with buttery Nuttelex and you got yourself some life-changing loaf right there.

2. Bagels from Get Ya Fix on William St, Northbridge.

These legends make a mean coffee and bagels that’ll fix ya right up. Also handy with bike repairs if spandex is your life.

3. Grandma’s carrot cake.

I’m pretty sure she gets it out of the freezer and it’s made by Nanna’s or something, but it’s there every Sunday without fail. Until she lost her mind, went to hospital, and died seven years ago.

4. Croissants.

How good are croissants? Also the highlight of that Kanye album. You know what I’m talking about.

5. THE honey cake.

Tastes better when it comes from the Freo markets (assumption). But I don’t eat that anymore 'cause of my hipster/old man dietary requirements. Oh! The memories though.

Odlaw plays with his band at The Sewing Room (Perth) 4 August.


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