5 Duos American Doubles Heart

Bert and Ernie Bert and Ernie
Melbourne-based electronic duo American Doubles last month released their debut single, 'The Swell'.

Steeped in blithe nostalgia, the song is characterised by knowing nods to the '80s and to more recent electronic pioneers Metronomy.

The spectacularly, have-to-see-it-to-believe-it accompanying video was filmed almost entirely underwater.

The tandem of Robert Smith and Justin Hamilton share 5 other duos they respect and admire beginning with '70, '80s pop, hairy upper-lip champions Hall & Oates.

Hall & Oates

We think they could be the first music duo to sport a proper stylised mullet and mullet moustache. Thankfully, the mullet pre-dated our sense of fashion so we are going to be spared any future embarrassment when the photo album comes out. Equally as impressive was their musical talent. They were undeniably incredible musicians and songwriters. ‘Rich Girl’ and ‘Maneater’ are two of our favourites.

Sly & Robbie

One of the all-time best rhythm sections. Although predominantly dub and reggae players, they have collaborated with 200,000+ recording artists including Bob Marley, Joe Cocker, UB40 and Bob Dylan. I remember first hearing them on Grace Jones’ record ‘Nightclubbing’. 'Walking In The Rain' and 'Pull Up To The Bumper' are possibly the coolest tracks on the album.

Daft Punk

They would have to be the most famous, electronic music duo of all time. With a career spanning more than 25 years, they have managed to remain anonymous. Considering how iconic they have become, retaining their anonymity was probably a wise decision. I wonder if they preempted their fame?

Bert and Ernie

Justin Hamilton: “I remember one time we both met up wearing striped tops, one with vertical and the other with horizontal stripes. The colour and design were similar and in fact it looked like we had been dressed by the same mother! “A friend pointed out that we looked a bit like Bert and Ernie. I am now very careful not to wear any stripy tops when catching up with Rob.”

Beavis and Butt-head

“Hey, hey, hey. Mmm…hey, hey, hey.” From the heyday of MTV, this show centres around two socially awkward, heavy-metal loving teenage dirtbags. Their most common pass-time is ‘reviewing’ music videos. If a clip contains heavy metal, scantily-clad babes, violence or macabre themes, it’s cool. Otherwise, it sucks.

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