5 Common Misconceptions About Being In A Band With White Summer

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White Summer's debut album is titled 'Soul Breaker' and is available now. White Summer's debut album is titled 'Soul Breaker' and is available now.

After a massive 2017 supporting the likes of British India and Ash Grunwald, rock band White Summer have recently released their debut album 'Soul Breaker'.

The Melbourne rockers have continued to gain momentum with support slots with Holy Holy, DMA's and Kingswood.

Their debut album was recorded at the Grove Studios with producer Burke Reid (who has worked with the likes of Peter Garrett, Sarah Blasko, Courtney Barnett and DZ Deathrays).

To celebrate, White Summer will launch 'Soul Breaker' with shows in Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney this June.

Band member Jimmy Stanfield shares 5 common misconceptions about being in a band.

1. Anyone can play bass

Wrong. Bass is sexy AF and an essential element for creating a sick groove and sounding tight. If those rhythms aren't dripping sex appeal you'll know about it.

2. Touring must be so much fun

Inconclusive. Touring is amazing and some of our fondest memories as a band are from trekking around the country but… sometimes you travel eight hours to play one, free show for $100 to a room of ten people who only want covers.

Your set doesn't start till 11.30pm. By the time you've finished playing and loaded out it's 1am. The rider ran out after everyone had consumed their two pots each, the venue is closing up, you're broke, your clothes are sweaty and the whole band is staying in a bed bug-infested room above a pub that cost 80 bucks a night.

One person has to sleep on the floor, no one got laid, it's hot, fuel prices have soared since the day before, you have Maccas depression, you discover your ex has a new partner and it's all you think about for eight hours while staring at the Hume.

3. You only play in a band for the chicks

Wrong. I've played in bands for over 14 years. Hot tip: If you're in it for the groupies, save your time and money, and download Tinder instead.

4. You must have done loads of drugs recording your album

Wrong. If you want productivity to go out the window and think what everything you're doing is awesome then go for it, works for some bands.

5. You must get sick of playing the same songs over and over

Wrong. If it's a good song, I feel like it can be adapted over time and take on many different forms. Every show feels different: different people, different room, different sound, different energy so you feel like you're playing a different version each time, so it doesn't get boring.

I've also never felt like I've completely nailed a tune, so I guess it's similar to someone who spends their life chasing that perfect wave.

'Soul Breaker' is available now. The band play The Toff In Town (Melbourne) 23 June, The Lass O'Gowrie (Newcastle) 29 June and Frankies Pizza (Sydney) 30 June.


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