5 Cheese Board Essentials With Tiny Castle

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Brisbane four-piece Tiny Castle have a new single 'World'. Brisbane four-piece Tiny Castle have a new single 'World'.

Tiny Castle are an emerging indie rock band from Brisbane who draw inspiration from the likes of The National, Tom Petty and The War On Drugs.

After they made their band debut last year, Tiny Castle are now ready to launch their newest single, 'World', with a home-town show. But not before they share the ingredients for what they believe is the perfect cheeseboard. Nom nom nom.

1. Water crackers

Standard water crackers are a must on any cheeseboard. The wafer-thin ones don't have enough substance and often break under too much stress from cheese or various dips. Jatz are just that little bit too wild to sit alongside a stiff cheddar or blue cheese. You need a good, strong, adult water cracker as a base for the perfect cheeseboard.

2. Brie

The crowd pleaser. Every cheeseboard needs a brie: normal brie, double brie, it doesn’t matter. A good brie can stand up against any contender on the cheeseboard and can be enjoyed with a sliver of quince or Kransky, or by itself on a trusty water cracker. Brie really is the cheese of cheeses.

3. Crumbly cheddar

Unless you’re a 'stuff crumbly cheddar' sorta person. A tangy, tasty, crumbly cheddar can really set your cheeseboard apart; an old, forgotten favourite sometimes. For a party in your mouth and a throwback to when cheese was at its best, you can’t forget a chunk of crumbly, captivating, at times capricious cheddar.

4. Quince paste (or similar jelly-like substance)

Quince is a crucial part of the cheeseboard institution. It provides a sweet contrast to cut through the strong tang of cheese. You can enjoy quince with any element of the cheeseboard.

5. Salty meat

To top off the perfect cheeseboard, the presence of a salty and/ or processed smoked meat must be obvious. Whether it’s prosciutto, salami or even some olives (for a vegetarian alternative) a flavour-packed salty element will take your cheeseboard to the next level, ensuring your board rising above the rest.

Tiny Castle's single launch for 'World' takes place at Bloodhound Bar (Brisbane) 23 August.


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