5 Best & Worst Spews With Gold Coast Rockers Peach Fur

Peach Fur's newest release is titled 'Doreen Drive' and is available now. Peach Fur's newest release is titled 'Doreen Drive' and is available now.

After an intense build up, Peach Fur are hitting the road for their biggest east-coast tour to date to celebrate their newest, seven-track release 'Doreen Drive'.

Hailing from the Gold Coast, this four-piece has captivated music lovers alike with their psychedelic rock tunes.

Reaching over 1.3 million streams on Spotify and more than 30k monthly listeners on their last EP 'Pleasures And Necessities', Peach Fur have mixed the delectable flavours of rock & roll brewed with a funky fusion of reggae and psych-surf vibes.

They also have a few vomit stories to share. Delightful.

1. Sharky got me shaking

When we played 'Butter Don Won Tu' off the new EP for the first time live at our local, Miami Shark Bar, I had to run to the bathroom mid-song to chuck up my guts.

I remember thinking if I don’t get off the stage in a second there’s gonna be chunder [sic] all over our gear, so I think I made the right move haha. (Denny Hilder)

2. V Room = vomit room

It was our first time playing the Sunny Coast at the V Room, Villa Noosa. We were supporting OKA, our room was 15 metres from the bar and our hearts were set on starting early and finishing late. My excitement levels were growing steadily alongside my beer intake.

After taking a quick three-beer pit stop at the room, we settled in among a much bigger crowd to rock out to OKA's sweet, sweet groove. All of a sudden my stomach said 'mate... you're going to spew in 3...2...1'. And like magic I spewed up approximately 2.5 beers and some chicken parmi, catching most of it in my hands and a small portion in my moustache.

Sure enough I danced my ass (vomit in hand) all the way to the bathroom where my beery parmi spew stew departed safely into a bowl of delight. Let's just say I didn't kiss any pretty girls that night. (Liam Ward)

3. Snomit cough

It was like my second time getting baked and I cooked it hard, my head felt really hot and I was sweating profusely thinking that the floor was slanted like that game HABBO ya played when you’re a kid. I then went on to have a spew, sneeze and cough all at the same time, which was a strange sensation. (Denny Hilder)

4. Mi-Goreng madness

After a big night at HQ, Carter our good mate says: “Who tipped out their bowl of Mi Goreng last night? I just stepped in it all.” Unbeknown to him he’d put his foot in a pile of my dirty, beer-soaked two-minute noodles. Looked like it hadn’t been chewed. (Mikey Woodworth)

5. The colourful dancing squares

One night out at Gold Coast's finest doof doof establishment, Elsewhere, I was walking up to the top bar when a wave of sickness came over me and without any warning, I'd spewed up in my mouth and grabbed the closest empty cup to expel my inner flavours.

There was a group sitting at the table that I grabbed the glass off; fortunately they were too deep in conversation to notice I'd picked the cup up and put it back down. Woopsie. Hopefully no one was too thirsty and didn't look to see what was inside. (Denny Hilder)

'Doreen Drive' is available now.

Peach Fur Tour Dates

Fri 8 Jun - Lennox Groove (Lennox Head)
Sat 16 Jun - Miami Shark Bar (Gold Coast)
Sat 23 Jun - The Triffid (Brisbane)
Sat 30 Jun - Tambo Bowls Club (Tamborine Mountain)
Fri 6 Jul - Elsewhere (Gold Coast)
Sat 7 Jul - Solbar (Sunshine Coast)
Fri 27 Jul - The Zoo (Brisbane)
Thu 2 Aug - Waywards (Sydney)
Sat 4 Aug - Rad Bar (Wollongong)
Sat 11 Aug - Snooker World (Gold Coast)
Fri 17 Aug - Fat Controller (Adelaide)
Sat 18 Aug - Beach Burrito (Adelaide)


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