4 Funniest Tour Moments With Rojdar

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Rojdar's new single 'Freakin Wasted' is available now. Rojdar's new single 'Freakin Wasted' is available now.

The last year or so has seen 22-year-old Melbourne DJ-producer Rojdar release his debut single, support Tiesto and play alongside Peking Duk at the Australian Open tennis.

After kicking off 2018 supporting The Script on their Australian tour, Rojdar now delivers his new single 'Freakin Wasted'.

"It's really happy and easy on the ears at the same time. I can't wait till everyone else gets to hear 'Freakin Wasted'," Rojdar says.

Here, Rojdar shares some of his funniest moments he's had on tour so far.

1. My fly not being done up

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I've figured out why this happens. I'm pretty ADD and have no patience, I never check my fly before going on stage and it just so happens the last four shows my fly has been undone the whole time. It's pretty embarrassing and my photographer has to Photoshop my fly done up on all my photos, so I can post them.

2. Australian Open with Peking Duk

I got to support the Duk boys at the Australian Open this year and it was one hell of a throwdown. I was fairly nervous all day and didn't eat, so after a few beers I was lit. I played the show and the crowd response was tops and every time I looked out into the crowd, I saw someone I knew. I thought it would be funny to wear all white and dress like a tennis player, but it happened that the Duk lads did the same, so I guess we look like we all outfit coordinated.

3. Falling off stage and ending up at hospital

The show was New Year's Eve crossing over into the New Year and I thought consuming half a slab of beer and ten Skittle bombs before the show was the logical thing to do. I started playing and everything was awesome, my confidence was peaking and I thought it would be the perfect time to jump off stage.

As I went to run to jump, I slipped on confetti and fell off the stage breaking my foot. At this point, I was still invincible due to the stupid amount of Skittle bombs I'd consumed and played the rest of my show with my foot in an ice bucket. After the show, I was wheelchaired to hospital where I came to the quick realisation that I'm not a rock star.

4. Trying to talk to Tiesto

I'm a total weirdo. I shine most of the time with my loudness and banter, but when I'm awkward, I'm really f…ing awkward. There is no middle ground for me - I'm either the life of the party or I'm sitting in the corner explaining all my life problems to someone's pet. When it came to meeting Tiesto after I warmed up for him, I was in one of those moods.

I couldn't put a sentence together and my hands were in a world of their own. Tiesto asked my tour manager if I was okay, proceeded to take a photo with me and we awkwardly shook hands as I left the room walking backwards. I got back to my green room and sat in silence wondering what just happened haha!

'Freakin Wasted' is available now.

Rojdar Australia Tour 2018

Sat 11 Aug - MYNT (Melbourne)
Thu 30 Aug - The Helm (Sunshine Coast)
Sat 1 Sep - Lonnies (Launceston)


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