4 Fun Facts About The Dollar Bill Murrays' New Single 'The Shape You Take'

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The Dollar Bill Murrays newest single is titled 'The Shape You Take'. The Dollar Bill Murrays newest single is titled 'The Shape You Take'.

After launching their new single, the QOTSA-esque 'The Shape You Take', with a recent home-town show, rockers The Dollar Bill Murrays have another run of east-coast shows this month.

"'The Shape You Take' is [about] people's inner thoughts – what they mean and what they want," singer Felix Lindgren says.

With Sydney and Melbourne shows this weekend, here are a few fun facts about the recording of 'The Shape You Take'.

• After trialling several instruments for the song's melody in the bridge, the xylophone-esque tone is actually a ceramic bowl from producer Brock Weston's kitchen that has been pitch-shifted.

• Bassist Paul Ballam-Cross played most of his punchy and rolling bass refrains entirely with his pinky, to get his suave and crunchy tone just right.

• Singer Felix Lindgren's guitar amplifier burnt out during recording in the studio, necessitating emergency repairs.

The Dollar Bill Murrays guest-brewed their own malt liquor lager with All Inn Brewing Co. - the Bill F. Murray Malt Liquor. The ale has gone on to win the Gold Medal at the 2017 Australian Craft Beer Awards.

The Dollar Bill Murrays Tour Dates

Fri 15 Jun - Valve Bar (Sydney)
Sat 16 Jun - The Gasometer Hotel (Melbourne)
Sat 23 Jun - Sonic Sherpa Records (Brisbane)
Tue 3 Jul - Howl & Moan Records (Byron Bay)


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