2016 Red Hot Summer @ Sandstone Point Hotel Review

  • Written by  Kirsti Lane
  • Friday, 11 March 2016 13:15
With a hot summer’s day as the backdrop for a true-blue Aussie rock legends’ concert, The Red Hot Summer Tour at Bribie Island’s Sandstone Point Hotel was this year’s had-to-have-been-there event.

On Sunday 6 March, Jimmy Barnes, Noiseworks, The Angels, Mark Seymour and the Undertow, and The Badloves rocked the 6,000-plus audience with many of their much-loved classic songs and latest hits.

From 'Lay Down Your Guns' and 'Holy Grail', to 'Hot Chilli Woman', these gods of Down Under music lore performed a show of pure brilliance. From the strong vocals and deep brutal beat, to the strobe lighting and archetypal black slim-line jeans, it was a concert reminiscent of good times’ past. And despite the intermittent rain spells, the crowd clapped and cheered, raising their bourbons and beers to the incredible line-up of legendary Aussie talent.

Badloves - Image © Kara Bust

Much-loved Melburnian band, the Badloves kicked off the eclectic ensemble with a few of their well-known hits: 'Green Limousine' and 'Lost'.

Braving the Queensland humidity, these former triple ARIA Award-winners even smashed out a couple of their brand new songs, now that they’re back from a five-year hiatus. As a band that epitomises soulful rock and blues, singer Michael Spiby charged the audience with a raw energy that set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Mark Seymour
Mark Seymour - Image © Kara Bust

Next up was notoriously talented songwriter Mark Seymour singing with his band, the Undertow. Hitting it hard on the acoustics, Seymour did what he always does best: tell a story with incredible vocal passion.

Performing a playlist consisting of past Hunters and Collectors’ hits such as 'Do You See What I See' and 'Throw Your Arms Around Me', the Undertow gunned a couple of songs from their latest album 'Mayday', with 'Two Dollar Punter' and 'Courtroom 32' hitting home the power of these profound, bass-guitar ballads.

The Angels
The Angels - Image © Kara Bust

These guys were followed by The Angels, who whipped the audience into a frenzy with their well-known wild tunes and equally-wild singer, Dave Gleeson. With his famous pout and frizzy hair bouncing across the stage, reminiscent of an aerobic workout, Gleeson rocked the crowd with his high-energy performance.

Iconic songs such as 'No Secrets', 'We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place', and in particular 'Will I Ever See Your Face Again', bought back memories of that golden age of carefree, hard rock. Loud, rough and impossible not to sing along with, The Angel’s passion for music punched through like a bolt of lightning: not bad for a band that is still together after 40 years.

Noiseworks - Image © Kara Bust

They paved the way for Noiseworks who, by sundown, cranked up the amps, blowing everyone away with their hits: 'No Lies' and 'Take Me Back'. Even starting with one of their new songs, the slow seductive 'Stand Up', Jon Stevens showed what a fantastic voice he still has.

Jon Stevens - Image © Kara Bust

Silhouetted against the fairy lights of sleeting rain, he also belted out 'Touch' and 'Love Somebody', which only reinforced what a superstar Stevens is.

The last act of the night was Jimmy Barnes, who at the age of 59 still knew how to rev the audience with his rock & roll charm and incredible lungs. Arriving on stage to a huge round of applause and cat-calls, the man who set the tone of working class, pub rock, sung a range of hits from his vast swag.

Jimmy Barnes
Jimmy Barnes - Image © Kara Bust

With great guitar riffs by Danny Spencer, 'Driving Wheels', 'No Second Prize' and 'Flame Trees' were just some of the songs that rounded off a spectacular night.

Aussies love their icons. And their music. And when they were put together at a Queensland harbour-side, open-air venue, the result was nothing short of patriotic splendour.

Crowd at Red Hot Summer - Image © Kara Bust

A day and night of jam-packed, quality entertainment, the audience was jetted away on a journey of Aussie rock nostalgia and passion-fuelled energy: a combination that only left fans more loyal.


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