Lavazza Italian Film Festival: 2018 Highlights Revealed

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'Happy As Lazzaro' 'Happy As Lazzaro'

Showcasing the latest talents of Italy's best filmmakers, The 2018 Lavazza Italian Film Festival is set to take over cinemas all over Australia this September and October.

The film festival will feature over 30 Italian filmmakers, diving into genres such as romance, drama and comedy. Lavazza will exclusively take over Palace Cinemas in cities such as Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart.

At the centre of the festival will be special presentations, including Alice Rohrwacher's third film and 2018 winner of Best Original Screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival, 'Happy As Lazzaro'. Also from Matt Garrone comes the Cannes Film Festival and award winning film 'Dogman'. The story follows a dog-lover in desolated Southern Italy who is pushed to terrifying extremes by a local bully.

Drama will also be abundant at the Lavazza Film Festival, featuring the recent works of director and actress Valeria Golino. The artist brings with her 'Euphoria', the tale of two brothers that have been forced back into each other’s lives. The crime-drama 'Boys Cry', directed by the D’Innocenzo Brothers can also be expected. The film follows two boys living on the edge Rome's underworld before they are unexpectedly pulled in.
Dogman LIFF2018

It won't be all serious tones at the film festival, with a variety of hit comedies making their way to Australian screens. This includes 'My Big Gay Italian Wedding', based off the popular broadway play, and following the chaotic story of a young man travelling back to his conservative hometown to marry his fiance.

Finally the Lavazza Film Festival will place a special highlight on the work of director and screenwriter Ferzan Özpetek. Some of the filmmaker's work that will be showcased includes 'Naples In Veils', 'Facing Windows', 'Ignorant Fairies', and one of his most awarded films, 'Loose Cannons'.

The festival's full programme will be announced in August. Click here for all of the already announced films.

Lavazza Italian Film Festival Dates

11 September-7 October – Sydney
12 September-7 October – Canberra
13 September-7 October – Melbourne
19 September-7 October – Adelaide
19 September-7 October – Brisbane
20 September-10 October – Perth
18-24 October – Hobart


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