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'Walter' 'Walter'
One of the main aims of Flickerfest is to showcase the talent of filmmakers around Australia and the world.

Self-taught filmmaker and director of film 'Walter' Dave Wade is having his work featured in the Best Of Australian Shorts programme during Flickerfest.

He answers some questions about the festival and his film.

First of all, what does an event like Flickerfest mean to you?
It's such a magnificent festival which has given both myself and many other filmmakers a wonderful opportunity to have their work seen by audiences all over Australia.. I've been lucky enough to screen there five times now, and they're still not sick of me.

Why do you think your film fits into the programme nicely?
I'd like to say it's because of my dashing good looks, but I'm pretty sure the Flickerfest organisers would dispute that. It's a tight little black comedy, and the Flickerfest team really like diversity in their programme, so I think our little film ticks a certain box.

You're a self-taught filmmaker. How did that all begin for you?
I basically lied my way into the industry, and have bluffed my way through it ever since. I've attached myself to a lot of very talented people, and have always taken full credit for their hard work.

You've been nominated for a decent list of awards. Is being recognised for your work in that way important to you?
To me personally? Nah, not really. I just enjoy the entire process of making films, but the nominations and awards are certainly important for my career (though it hasn't helped too much when it comes to meeting girls).


What's your favourite film and why?
My favourite film is a film called 'Walter'. Purely because it's made by one of my all time favourite directors.

Tell us a bit about your film 'Walter'. It's being shown as part of the Best Of Australian Shorts programme!
'Walter' is a black comedy about a young war-protesting hippie couple, who accidentally run over the dog of some proud war veterans. It's a claustrophobic little film with a few laughs and some cracking performances.

Apparently you dream of being a spaceman… Is that true? What about space appeals to you?
I've had many sleepless nights dreaming about being a spaceman. I've always been a lover of space, purely because if we didn't have it, we'd all be jammed together.

Have you or will you ever make a film about space?
About 47 years ago I helped a young director by the name of Stanley Kubrik make a film about a man walking on the moon. I'm told a lot of people watched it...

What are you most looking forward to about Flickerfest?
It's always great to get the opportunity to screen your film to an audience. It's why we make them. It'll also be great to catch up with the Flickerfest organisers. They've always been good to me when I've screened there, and I think they might owe me a few drinks.

Flickerfest is currently touring to over 50 venues across Australia until May.


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