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I'd love to spend a day wandering the hallways of Bill Burr's brain; the man's comedic chops tickle my funny bone the right way.

His latest adventure (alongside Vince Vaughan as Executive Producer) is the six-part Netflix animation series 'F Is For Family', where Bill (as stressed-out dad Frank Murphy) flexes his loathing of political correctness.

The year is 1973 and Frank is a disillusioned, short-tempered, Irish-American, Korean War veteran and father of three who works as a 'baggage handler' in suburban Pennsylvania. He's also prone to angry, profane rants (the scene in the television store in the first episode is a ripper).

The cast is fleshed out by Sue, Frank's non-complaining wife, alongside Kevin (eldest, rebelling son), Maureen (youngest daughter who Frank refers to as 'Princess', despite her actions behind his back being to the contrary) and Bill (youngest son, a shy kid who's constantly being bullied).

F Is For Family.2
- The Murphy Family

Sam Rockwell is also a regular as Frank's womanising, boastful, playboy neighbour (Frank loathes him).

The show's play-on words with cultural references is another winner; from Plast-a-Ware (play-on Tupperware) that Sue sells to Frank's favourite TV show, 'Colt Luger' ("sometimes, a man's gotta do… what a man does"), each episode serves up a glut of giggle-out-loud references.

If you enjoy a time in the past where parents were allowed to 'discipline' their kids with a barrage of expletives and plenty of '70s references, 'F Is For Family' is your new, favourite show.

'F Is For Family' is available now Via Vision.

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