Carriberrie: A 360 Degree Look At Indigenous Celebrations

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'Carriberrie' 'Carriberrie'

The Australian Museum (AM) is proud to present the ground-breaking virtual reality (VR) film 'Carriberrie', celebrating the depth and diversity of Indigenous dance, music and song.

The world premiere of the 360° live-action documentary takes viewers on an exhilarating 3D journey across Australia, from Uluru to Sydney Harbour.

Narrated by award-winning actor and dancer David Gulpilil, 'Carriberrie' guides audiences across a stunning array of iconic Australian locations and performances, from the traditional to contemporary.

From ceremonial creation dances in the heart of the Outback, to honey gathering songs in the rainforest, bush-punk band The Lonely Boys performing in Alice Springs and a finale featuring Bangarra Dance Theatre by Sydney Harbour, 'Carriberrie' brings together art, technology and Indigenous performance in inspired new ways.

'Carriberrie' – the Sydney language word for “corroboree” – will screen through March as part of WEAVE, the AM’s inaugural month-long Festival of First Nations and Pacific Cultures.

'Carriberrie'’s award-winning director and producer Dominic Allen says the use of VR technology for the two-year project helped bridge geographical and cultural divides, while celebrating the robust knowledge and practices of Indigenous culture.

“The film takes viewers on a journey through traditional ceremonial dance and song, towards intrinsically contemporary and modern expressions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture in an intimate and breath-taking way,” Dominic says.

“The Australian Museum has been a great supporter of the project and I’m thrilled to present the world premiere of the work here, where I feel a kindred passion for exploring, understanding and helping to preserve First Nations cultures.”

'Carriberrie' was created by Reddogs VR in partnership with Isobar, and global VR giant, Jaunt. The creative team included the community cultural advisors Marilyn Miller, Director of the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival and former Bangarra Choreographer/Dancer; and senior Kimberley Walmajarri woman Annette Kogolo. The film’s script was written by Wiradjuri woman and acclaimed Indigenous author Tara June Winch.

'Carriberrie' screens from 2-27 March at Australian Museum.


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