5 Monster Pictures Releases That Have Been Part Of Monster Fest

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'Charlie's Farm' 'Charlie's Farm'
Monster Pictures in association with Event Cinemas brings a peek of their annual Melbourne-based horror-centric and genre cinema festival, Monster Fest, to GU Film House Adelaide this July with their Monster Fest Travelling Side Show.

Jarret Gahan from Monster Pictures walks us through a rogue's gallery of films from previous years’ festivals, each of which they now distribute across Australia and New Zealand.

'Cat Sick Blues'

A gruesome pitch-black comedy about introverted loner Ted, who after suffering a mental breakdown following the death of his cat, convinces himself that in order to bring his beloved pet back to life, he needs nine human lives to sacrifice in its place.

'Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla'

Like 'Taxi Driver' on gelato, 'Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla' concerns awkward ice cream vendor Warren Thompson, whose only respite from his drab existence comes in the form of gorgeous soapie star Katie George. Infatuation soon turns to obsession and Warren’s quest to make Katie his will have catastrophic implications for all who populate his simple world.

'Sheborg Massacre'

Prolific Melbourne filmmaker Daniel Armstrong’s third feature following his roller-derby slasher 'Murderdrome' and wrestling creature-feature 'From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl'. 'Sheborg Massacre' follows an alien fugitive who crash lands into a local puppy farm and begins turning people into mutated robot killing machines with a taste for puppy flesh. Dylan and Eddie, two self-proclaimed political activists, are all that stand between the earth and total domination.

'Charlie’s Farm'

Australia’s first slasher icon comes compliments of Queenslander Chris Sun who is currently in post-production on his latest film, 'Boar', that is rumoured to be released late this year via Universal Pictures. 'Charlie’s Farm' follows a couple of blokes keen for a weekend of thrills that lure their girlfriends out to what they believe is a deserted homestead only to find it’s the stomping ground of a seven foot, three hundred and seventy five pound behemoth of psychopathic muscle named Charlie!

'Mondo Yakuza'

Fast-paced, bloody and at times very funny, Mondo Yakuza is an Australian actioner like no other. Yakuza assassin Ichiro Kataki travels to Australia after his beloved sister is brutally murdered by three psychotic brothers out for kicks, with only vengeance on his mind, what results is a bloodbath of Mondo proportions!

Monster Fest Travelling Sideshow takes place from 21-23 July at GU Film House Adelaide.


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