5 Films Making A Splash At The Ocean Film Festival In Adelaide

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Ocean Film Festival Ocean Film Festival

Over seventy percent of our planet is covered by ocean; the watery depths are as alien and mysterious as the outer reaches of space.

At the 2018 Ocean Film Festival, hosted by the Capri Theatre, the next wave of short film makers will present their own perspectives on exploration, conservation and the life aquatic. Festival Director Jemima Robinson lets us know what films will be making a splash this year.

'Touched By The Ocean'

Watching two crazy Latvians chase their audacious dream to be the first to row the Southern Atlantic Ocean, in a second-hand rowing boat with absolutely no ocean rowing experience, provides 30 minutes of hilarity, beauty and heartfelt moments. Who doesn’t love an against all odds story.

'The Big Wave Project'

Created by acclaimed Adelaide filmmaker Tim Bonython, 'The Big Wave Project' delivers more than just jaw dropping enormous waves, it delves into the motivations of big wave surfers and reveals a band of brothers who have each other’s backs. This one gets the heart racing and the palms sweating.

'Kiwi Breeze'

Steve is an unassuming inspiration. This backyard sailor hand built a 44 tonne steel boat in is London garden then sailed it and his family 24,000km half way around the world to New Zealand. A cracking story of one man’s determination to achieve his dream.


If you think the ocean is a calm and serene world think again. This two minute short is a collaboration between a underwater videographer, an animator and a composer. The surreal result exposes just how fierce the underwater world can be.

'Scarlet’s Tale'

A chance encounter between a life saver and a 4.7 metre great white shark on a South African beach has a surprising outcome.

The Ocean Film Festival 2018 takes place at The Capri Theatre on 17 March.


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