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'Robin Hood' is in cinemas now. 'Robin Hood' is in cinemas now.

The latest version of 'Robin Hood' aims at younger audiences, and there are fight scenes and romance galore.

While not adding anything new to the 'Robin Hood' story, the film covers his time in the Crusades in more depth than previous iterations, which provides motivation for what comes next. Accompanied by the mentor he met in the Middle East, their combined thirst for justice and revenge transforms the noble Sir Robin of Loxley into The Hood.

This appears to be a first instalment, and so other characters will presumably be fleshed out more in future chapters.

The acting is fine, although actors are not given much material to work with as establishment of the 'Robin Hood' world seems to be given priority. Taron Egerton (Robin) and Eve Hewson (Marion) both turn in adequate performances.

The bigger names, however, are somewhat underused.

Ben Mendelsohn as the Sheriff of Nottingham is perfect, as ever, but Tim Minchin as Friar Tuck is a bit too hammy, although hopefully his talent will be more fully exploited in round two. For much of the movie it seems that Jamie Dornan (Will Scarlet) has a surprisingly minor role, until it becomes clear that this is merely the first instalment.

But there are some very clever fights, some pretty cool explosions and lots and lots of archery. This is a light, fun movie for summer.

'Robin Hood' is in cinemas now.


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