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'Once Upon A Deadpool' 'Once Upon A Deadpool'

The re-release of 'Deadpool 2' as a kid-friendly film is pretty pointless aside from the fact that a portion of proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the F... Cancer (temporarily named Fudge Cancer) Foundation.

The only other motive this has is that it seems Deadpool may be the subject of an experiment; one which hopes to determine whether the character can survive as a family hero and not just one for adults.

Judging by the end result from the cuts and censoring of 'Once Upon A Deadpool'… It's hard to tell.

The film is presented by Deadpool himself as a storybook. He sits next to a bed and reads to Fred Savage… A nod to 'The Princess Bride' in which Fred himself starred. From there, 'Deadpool 2' begins, albeit interrupted every now and then by cutting back to the bedroom for a bit of broken fourth wall comedy.

There are these breaks where Fred Savage points out tropes and holes in the film for comedic effect, but in terms of what is added, that's about it. 'Deadpool 2' itself remains intact with its main plot and characters, simply removing any questionable gore and language worse than the 'S' word.

Perhaps I misjudged, but on account of the outright intelligence and wittiness of the 'Deadpool' film series thus far, I was expecting a more cleverly executed effort at censorship. Not just some bleeps and a few missing camera shots. Therefore, I left feeling a little bit like I'd wasted my time.

In saying this though, I'm sure kids the world over will be excited to know they can go and see 'Deadpool 2', even though they wouldn't (I mean, shouldn't) have seen the first one because it was rated the same as the second… Hmm.

Long story short, Deadpool is most funny and most clever when he's in and around adult themes and humour. The first film took that direction, the second film took that direction, both were immensely successful and thus the franchise should continue along that road. If you're an adult and you're going along to this expecting what I was, you'll be met with 'Deadpool 2', but kind of just not as good. If you're a kid and this is your first look at 'Deadpool', I have no doubt it will be enjoyable.

And if Fox decide to release kid-friendly versions of each 'Deadpool' film in the future, that's fab… Just don't take away naughty Deadpool for good!


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