Game Of Thrones Final Season Premiere Date Revealed

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'Game Of Thrones' final season will screen exclusively on Foxtel. 'Game Of Thrones' final season will screen exclusively on Foxtel.

Holy heck… winter is almost here, finally, with news the epic final season of 'Game Of Thrones' will premiere Monday 15 April on Foxtel.

To screen and stream exclusively in Australia on FOX SHOWCASE (same day as the US), season 8 of the GOT franchise features six, movie-length episodes that will see the battle between good, bad and the white walkers come to a stunning conclusion.

Will the Night King prevail? Will Cersei restore the Lannister's as the ruling family of Westeros. Or will the alliance of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen bring peace and tranquility to the kingdom?

With a record 47 Primetime Emmy Awards already in the cabinet, you can expect GOT to go out all arrows blazing.

For viewers wanting to catch up on all seven seasons of 'Game Of Thrones', every episode is currently available to stream through Foxtel On Demand on internet-connected iQ set-top-boxes and on streaming service Foxtel Now. All seven seasons will also screen on Foxtel's BoxSets channel throughout March.


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