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'Deadpool 2' is in cinemas now. 'Deadpool 2' is in cinemas now.

Superhero films are packed with action and adventure. 'Deadpool 2' is no different, but the extras that come with this franchise are unbelievably slick, intelligent and hysterical.

The writing team behind 'Deadpool 2' (which includes the main character himself, Ryan Reynolds) deserves a standing ovation. It's a relatively simple story but the writing really thickens things... Not only does it follow the same recipe of the first film (which is essentially antihero plus action plus comedy) but it adds a few herbs and spices to freshen it up.

The brilliant opening title sequence is visually a 'James Bond'-inspired affair, complete with cinematic theme song performed by Celine Dion.

We get some new characters here including Firefist (Julian Dennison), Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz), each actor completely nailing their respective roles and pushing the 'Deadpool' franchise to a new height of triumph.

What makes 'Deadpool 2' so likeable is its ability to completely rip to shreds all of the dramatic, heroic themes of your run-of-the-mill superhero film and make a complete joke of itself, in the best way possible. There's more pop culture references than one can comprehend and constant fourth-wall-breaker moments from Deadpool. It's a meta wonderland; a film that is so self-aware that it reaches the point of ridiculousness... And works. Deadpool signs a kid's cereal box at one stage and as he disappears in a flash, we see he's signed 'Ryan Reynolds'. Excellent.

As for the action side of things, expect explosions and destruction aplenty, sprinkled with physical humour, special effects and intense fight scenes. It's as much a combat film as it is a side-splitting comedy which makes it engaging and just genuinely interesting from beginning to end.

'Deadpool 2' is a glorious melting pot of meta references, intelligent yet absurd humour, compelling action sequences and a solid storyline. Its cast members are willing and able to step into the shoes of their characters and reel audiences in effortlessly, led by the wildly talented Ryan Reynolds who fits as well into this role as Deadpool fits into his suit.


'Deadpool 2' is in cinemas now.


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