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'Blockers' is in cinemas 29 March. 'Blockers' is in cinemas 29 March.

The newest coming-of-age comedy is an inappropriately hilarious recount of one of the biggest events in the lives of high school students (and their parents).

Produced by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and James Weaver under their Point Grey Pictures banner, Blockers is a hilarious comedy about Prom Night – the biggest night in Julie (Kathryn, Newton), Sam (Gideon Adlon), and Kayla’s (Geraldine Viswanathan) lives. With their high school lives behind them, and college quickly approaching, the three girls decide to affirm their friendship through their #SexPact2018 – a pact to all lose their virginity on the same night. Julie’s mother (Leslie Mann) teams up with the dads of the other girls (Ike Barinholtz and John Cena) who decipher the millennial lingo and conduct a one-night operation to stop their daughters from sealing the deal.

With high sexpectations, the night turns into a whirlwind of car chases, after parties and after-after parties, and excessive uses of illicitly baked goods. Featuring several appearances of a teary-eyed John Cena and some good doses of classic Ike Barinholtz comedy, topped with the hilariously innocent interpretations of not-so-innocent text messages, 'Blockers' will have you laughing from the beginning, yet feeling all types of emotions by the end.

Making light of issues such as broken families and the relationship between a parent and their daughter, double standards between raising girls and boys and the importance of teenagers exploring and discovering their unique sexuality, the movie covers a lot of the key things that current parents are facing with their graduating children in 2018. While 'Blockers' is the epitome of slapstick comedy, the movie features some really strong underlying messages that leave you feeling emotional, despite whether or not you’ve recently seen off a child to college.

The movie has Seth Rogen written all over it and mirrors the comedy featured in 'Bad Neighbours' and 'This Is The End'. So, if butt-chugging, sexual innuendos and straight up inappropriate humour is your thing and you enjoy coming-of-age, parents-getting-too-involved-with-their-kids-lives-and-misinterpreting-emojis type movies, you will love the newest addition to this unique category of comedy.

'Blockers' is in cinemas 29 March.


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