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'A Simple Favour' 'A Simple Favour'

Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively star in 'A Simple Favour'... It's a sexy, stylish psychological film that is as funny as it is thrilling.

Based on the novel by Darcey Bell, 'A Simple Favour' uses some good cinematic methods to capture and hold its audience from start to finish.

Director Paul Feig really makes this film an enjoyable two hours; enjoyable in the sense that it's satisfyingly tight in its story progression and the music (props to brilliant Composer Theodore Shapiro) is perfectly suited to what happens along the way.

Things unfold and events occur at a steady enough pace that the film's finale is considerably satisfying. 

It's been described as 'delicious' and 'naughty', which are both correct in their own sense. It's visually rather delicious... The camerawork here is admittedly great to experience though it is fairly simple. It would have been nice and also most likely beneficial to be a little more exciting and risky with camera angles and movement in general... To create a little more of a mood.

It's naughty because the story is filled with bite and sass; moments that make you go 'oooh' and sit with your mouth open for a while... Until the story swiftly sweeps you away and you're onto the next plot point, of course.

Blake Lively is the perfect choice to play Emily: A sensual, mysterious, sassy woman who is unapologetically unfiltered. Anna Kendrick on the other hand is the slightly frenetic, overly friendly and innocent mommy vlogger Stephanie, and the two together is so wrong that it feels completely right.

'A Simple Favour' is one of those films that needs your full attention at all times. For its two-hour duration (if you haven't read the book and this plot is fresh for you), you'll be suspiciously squinting at each new character that steps into frame and questioning their place in the storyline.

Backed by a soundtrack and score that fits its plot like a puzzle piece, 'A Simple Favour' ticks the boxes of a successful neo-noir mystery with the added bonuses of good direction, aesthetics to-die-for and martinis with a twist.


'A Simple Favour' is in cinemas 13 September.


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