Mario Kart 8 Breaks Sales Records

  • Written by  Simon Jun
  • Tuesday, 03 June 2014 10:32
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This just in: 'Mario Kart 8' on the Wii U has already become the console's fastest-selling title.

The latest entry in the 'Mario Kart' series was released just a few days ago, but it's already managed to ship 1.2 million copies over its opening weekend. This achievement will no doubt reinvigorate the ill-fated Wii U console, which has had trouble keeping up with industry heavyweights PS4 and Xbox One despite getting a significant head start on both. In fact, GFK Chart-Track states that Wii U sales have been boosted by 666% since the title's launch. Perhaps Nintendo struck a deal with the devil?

But despite 'Mario Kart 8's impressive initial sales, it has a long way to go if it wants to match the performance of its predecessor; according to Nintendo's fiscal report in March, 'Mario Kart Wii' remains the series' bestseller with over 35 million sales since its 2008 release.

Nintendo still faces an uphill battle if it wants to seriously compete with Sony and Microsoft, but at least it's not out of the race yet.

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