Ben & Jerry’s Bans Same-Flavoured Scoops In Fight For Marriage Equality In Australia

Ben & Jerry’s have announced a bold new change, which will affect how customers order their ice cream.

From today, Ben & Jerry’s have pledged to ban two of the same flavour scoops in store until marriage equality is achieved.

The act represents the current stance on marriage equality in Australia – no marriage equality, no same flavour scoops! While Australians will no longer be able to order two of the same flavoured scoops, Ben & Jerry’s is making the move to encourage people to think about marriage equality and show their support.

As a further demonstration of its support for marriage equality, Ben & Jerry’s have created its own postal system across its 26 stores nationwide. In an Australian first, the in-store postal service will enable ice cream lovers and marriage equality supporters to have their say, with the Ben & Jerry’s team on hand to deliver these messages directly to local MPs.


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